Episode Nine Of The Pastor Murder Mystery

049Episode Nine of The Pastor Murder Mystery:

Shortly after Melissa closed the door to David’s study his phone rang. It was Meredith Jordan and she was upset.

“Pastor Noble. Something terrible has just happened. I just received a call from Seven Oaks Hospital. Marissa was taken to the hospital by ambulance. She is in Emergency right now and the doctor said that she is in critical condition. Mason and I will be leaving for the hospital right away. He is just outside warming up the car. Can you meet us at the hospital?”

For a moment David did not know what to say. He had to quickly break out of his deep and troubling introspections.

“Yes, of course. Tell Mason that I’m on the way to the hospital right now.”

It was December 20, 2014 and it was bitterly cold outside. David checked the weather app on his white ten inch Samsung Galaxy tablet. It read thirty-two degrees below Celsius with a wind chill causing it to feel like minus forty-five. The app was also warning of blizzard conditions.

David grabbed his white winter parka from the downstairs closet and told Melissa that Marissa Jordan was in serious condition at Seven Oaks. He told his wife that he didn’t know when he would be back.

“Be careful driving out there. It’s a blizzard out there,” Melissa said.

“I will,” David said as he opened the front door to his house and his face was immediately met with a painful blast of wind and snow. The snow seemed to have ice crystals in it that were cutting into David’s face. He ran back inside to grab his black balaclava.

When he got to his 2005 beige Chev Impala the engine would not turn over. He again went back into the house. This time to get his Motorizer that he had bought at Canadian Tire last fall. With his hands starting to freeze even through David’s gloves he managed to boost his car and the engine turned over. David was woefully in adept at most mechanical challenges but at least he had taught himself how to boost a car’s battery.

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