Excerpt Nineteen of Infinite Realities by Ken David Stewart

Episode Nineteen of Infinite Realities:
“Okay. I’ll likely have some more questions for you later. Right now I’m going to hit the Time Travel app and I’ll direct it to July 3, 1965, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.”
Rick Chandler found himself in a large, dusty garage in the North End of Winnipeg. The walls of the garage were covered by various hand tools attached by metal hooks and clamps. Although it was a bit dark in the garage there was a window that let in enough sunlight for the band to see.. Rick found himself playing a Vox double keyboard portable organ that would have sold for over one thousand dollars in 1965. Today, if there were any of these organs still around that were in great condition and were still in good working order they could be sold for a lot of money. Rick remembered that the Vox double keyboard was used by many of his favorite keyboard players when he was growing up. He remembered that Paul Revere from Paul Revere and the Raiders used one as well as Mike Smith from The Dave Clark Five and Alan Price of The Animals.
To his amazement Rick was actually playing his portable organ very effectively and professionally. The song he heard the band playing was a radio top forty hit of 1965 called The Letter by The Box Tops. Rick was also surprised to find out that he was the lead vocalist in the band.
Rick was delighted as when he was growing up he tried to play an Ace Tone portable organ. At that time he lacked finger dexterity and would often hit the wrong key on the organ or would play two keys together by accident. In his youth Rick had joined up with a motley crew of wannabe teenage musicians who played at about the same skill level as Rick did. Needless to say this band practised together about four or five times and then called it quits.fantasy 6

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