Infinite Realities Episode Twenty by Ken David Stewart

Episode Twenty of Infinite Realities:

You really nailed the vocals on that one, Ricky,” said the drummer. He was a stocky kid with long blond hair styled like Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones.

“Thanks,” Rick said. “Which song do you guys want to try next?”

“Paint It, Black. The Stones new single,” said the lead guitarist, a tall, skinny kid with light brown shoulder length hair.

“Before we do that one, have you guys heard the new single by Chad Allan and the Expressions? The A side ‘Till We Kissed’ is getting a lot of radio air play but the B side really kills it,” the bass player said pushing the hair away from his eyes and adjusting the strap on his bass.

“You mean ‘Shakin’All Over’” the rhythm guitarist said, taking a sip from his bottle of Pepsi.

“Those guys are just a local band like us. If we work and practice hard enough we might be able to record a hit single too,” the drummer said.

“Let’s slow down for a minute. One step at a time. We have a gig to play at River Heights Community Club tonight,” said the lead guitarist who appeared to be the leader of the band.

Rick Chandler’s new band broke for supper. At six forty-five, the rhythm guitarist’s older sister, Michaela showed up at the garage. All the boys helped load equipment into the white Chevy van that Mikaela borrowed from her parents. The band had to squeeze in between all their gear.

“I hope there’s a good crowd tonight,” said Alex, the drummer.

“It should be,” said Brian, the lead guitarist. “The weather’s great and everybody knows the place to be on Saturday night is River Heights Community Club.”

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