Infinite Realities Excerpt 22 by Ken David Stewart

Episode Twenty-Two of Infinite Realities:

Once Adam had carried all the band’s equipment inside the members of the band helped him get it onto the stage. There was a red curtain at the back of the stage. Alex and Adam worked on setting up the drum riser. Brian, the lead guitarist plugged his cherry red Fender Stratocaster into his Vox amplifier and began tuning his guitar. As this was before the era of the electronic guitar tuner, Brian relied upon his own ears to get his axe in tune. He yelled out to Rick, “Give me a middle C man.” Now Brian had a standard note to work from. Rick had already set up his portable orange and white Vox organ and was warming up with some chord changes and some single note run exercises. Alex was getting his drums in tune with the help of Adam who also worked as a drum tech. Derek had already plugged in his Fender bass and was warming up with some bass runs. Jesse the rhythm guitarist had stepped outside for a smoke. He knew that the band still had ample time before the community club was open to the public. A young male fan saw Jesse and asked for his autograph.

“Sure, man I’ll write my name on your tee-shirt with a black felt marker. The rest of the band will give you their autographs later, probably during our first break. Thanks for coming out to support The Pirates.”

That’s what Rick’s band was called, The Pirates. Mikaela put together some pirate costumes for the band. They all wore long coats and black boots. Brian even wore a gold earring in his left ear long before men wearing earrings was an accepted fashion trend. For the first couple of songs Derek, the bass player, would wear a black patch over his left eye. The Pirates were ripping off the Paul Revere and the Raiders schtick, but their fans couldn’t care less. They thought The Pirates looked super cool.

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