Infinite Realities Excerpt 23 by Ken David Stewart

Episode Twenty-Three of Infinite Realities:

At eight PM Slim unlocked the front doors to River Heights Community Club and a crowd of young people that had been waiting around for about twenty minutes came in. As soon as the band heard the crowd come in, they went straight into their opening number ‘Louie Louie’ This song is a three chord garage band classic that gets air play to this day. The Pirates liked using an easy song like this to get the band playing in unison. Although their amplifiers were small compared to today’s Marshall stacks, they were plenty loud for a local community club.

Rick was elated as his band rocked out. He probably made up most of the words to ‘Louie Louie’ as they came into his head, but nobody cared. They were getting off on the pure adrenaline rush of live rock and roll. Although The Pirates were only a local band Rick felt that he now knew what it was like for The Beatles to play a concert in front of an adoring audience. Rick was able to play the songs from the Pirates first set effortlessly and flawlessly. The band ran through a number of current top forty hits such as ‘Gloria’ Psychotic Reaction’ ‘Pushin’Too Hard’ ’96 Tears’ and numerous other songs that are classics today. Rick had a good laugh when he realized that most of the numbers that The Pirates played were now in a CD box set collection that he owned called Nuggets.

After about forty minutes the band’s first set was completed and it was now time for the traditional smoke break. Rick found it interesting that in 1965 probably more young people smoked than abstained from tobacco. The cigarette packs were all colorfully designed and were free of all the gross pictures that were mandatory today.

Some cute young female admirers were making their way towards Rick when he heard a sound alert coming from the inside pocket of his leather vest. Rick knew what the sound meant and ran outside and hid under a tree. He pulled out his tablet and was greeted by Virtual Darren’s smiling face.

I know that you didn’t get to read all the terms and conditions of The User’s Agreement, but in clause 7b it clearly states that certain experiences may be time limited and can be terminated at the Corporations discretion. Unfortunately for you, Rick, the Corporation has decided to end this particular experience. You will now be returned to your sofa in the living room of your apartment.

 Rick texted back:

Come on, Darren! I’m having the time of my life. I don’t want to go home.

Darren texted:

Don’t worry Rick. Your adventures have only begun.



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