Chapter Five of Roswell Revisited 2014

The Weird and Fantastical Writings of Ken David Stewart

Act Two Scene Three:

Narrator: Mick rushes right into the control room at the radio station.

The two DJs, Rick and Dwight are still on the air.

Mick: You guys want to see what those old guys at the general store were all talking about?

Rick: Listeners, we will be right back after an important message from our sponsors.

Narrator: As Rick and Dwight take off their headphones, Mick lays his bag of strange metal on the announcer’s desk.

Rick: What in the bag, Mick?

Mick: It may be from a flying saucer that crashed on my ranch last night.

Dwight: Rick! This is the scoop of the century!

Rick: I know and we’ll be the broadcasters who first broke the story.

Dwight: Rick, we’ll be invited on the Larry King show!

Rick: Easy! Dwight! Calm down.

Rick: Welcome back, loyal listeners. We’ve got a very special guest on today’s…

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