Episode 126 of The Lake Demon

The Weird and Fantastical Writings of Ken David Stewart

Episode 126:
Dean Sanderson had set up a general meeting for all participants in the Ogopogo research project. He had reserved Theatre B of The University of British Columbia so as to accommodate what could potentially be a large turnout.
The dean stood at the podium of the large lecture facility and proceeded to bring the meeting to order. A significant number of people had indeed shown up for this meeting.
“I’d like to welcome all of you and thank all of you for attending our first formal organizational meeting. We have a daunting task ahead of us in organizing and planning for the implementation of an expedition to search for Ogopogo, our province’s legendary lake monster. As most of you are very likely aware the existence of Ogopogo has not been scientifically established either positively or negatively.
Supporting the argument for the reality of The Lake Demon, a name…

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