Lake Mariposa Chapters 24 to 27

The Weird and Fantastical Writings of Ken David Stewart

Although Rick and his family did not attend church, Rick had always believed in God. He whispered,”Thank you God,” under his breath in response to the good day that he was having. He was also praying that his relationship with Sasha wouldn’t meet the same fate as the one with Arwen.
He whispered loudly enough for Sasha to hear him.”

She looked at Rick and asked, “Do you believe in God, Rick?”

“Yes, I’ve never really doubted God’s existence. My parents aren’t religious or anything but whenever I look up at the night sky or look at animals I can’t help but think that they were created by some Higher Power,” Rick explained.

“Just like in the book of Genesis you mean?” asked Sasha.

“Do you read the Bible, Sasha? “ Rick asked with surprise.

“Not as much as I probably should but I’m exposed to a lot of Biblical…

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