Lake Mariposa Chapters 9 to 11

The Weird and Fantastical Writings of Ken David Stewart

“I’d love to guys, but can it wait until the morning? I have to get some sleep. I’m going to the rock festival at Lake Mariposa tomorrow, “ answered Rick with a yawn.

“Who are you going with?” asked Rick’s mom.

“Lloyd and Misty from across the street offered to take me.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re getting to know our new neighbors, Rick, “ added his dad approvingly. “Your mom and I have been a little amiss in reaching out to them so far.”

After he said goodnight to his parents Rick went to his room and fell into a pleasantly exhausting sleep.

Rick got up at about ten-thirty the following morning. He awoke, got himself a coffee and decided he’d smoke a Cameo menthol cigarette this morning. As Rick hadn’t been smoking very long he sometimes found that regular cigarettes gave him a sore throat in the mornings. Menthol…

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