Infinite Realities Excerpt 26 by Ken David Stewart

Episode Twenty-Six of Infinite Realities
“I still need to buy my day planner,” Rick said.
Katalya laughed. “Then you better pick one out and take it to one of the cashiers.”
Rick grabbed a burgundy colored Day Runner.
“Is that the one you want?”
“Yeah, except I wish they made some with gold covers.”
In a second Ray’s burgundy Day Runner turned gold.
After he went to the cashier and paid for his appointment book, Rick stepped out the store to find Kaytalya. He saw her standing beside a large silver colored vehicle that had fins on the back similar to those cars manufactured in the sixties.
“Jump in Rick. When he got in the front passenger side he was mesmerized by a dashboard that bombarded him by brightly flashing colors.
“Oh, I forgot Rick. You’re going to need to wear sunglasses. Her, take these. Your eyes aren’t designed to take in all the colors of my world.”
“Your world? Where are we going?” Rick asked.
“Aren’t you forgetting something Rick?” Katalya said. “Tonight you promised to take Blake to Holy Cross Gym to see the wrestling matches.”
“That’s right. Thanks for reminding me. How will I pick him up? I left my car in the Staples parking lot.”
“Don’t worry we’ll ride in my vehicle,” Katalya said.
“You’re coming with us to watch wrestling?” Rick asked. Now he was laughing out loud.
“Look at yourself Katalya. You’re wearing a dazzling orange jumpsuit with bright yellow boots.”
“Don’t you like the way I look, Rick?”
“I love the way you look. You’re almost too beautiful for words. I wish I could have taken you to my high school graduation party.”
“You still can. You still have your tablet don’t you?”
“Of course. It’s like my American Express Card. Never leave home without it. But I thought that we were taking Blake to watch wrestling tonight.”
“You are still thinking within the limitations of your own dimension. In my world time doesn’t exist. Therefore we can both go to your grad and take your son to wrestling,” said Katalya giving Rick a mischievous smile.fantasy 18


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