Excerpt Ninety-Two of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode Ninety-Two
“So what about your grandpa? Do you think he really saw Ogopogo?” Garry asked.
“Do you believe in Ogopogo?” Wally replied, answering a question with a question.
Garry laughed. “You’re talking to a guy who sees reptilian creatures practically every day.”
“Point taken.. I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” Wally said, with a laugh..
“What about you Wally? Do you believe that your uncle actually had an encounter with Ogopogo?”
“I believe that he saw something that he couldn’t explain,” Wally replied. “On the subject of the paranormal I must admit that I’m somewhat of a skeptic.”
“Why is that?” Garry asked.
“There’s just been so much fakery over the years,” Wally responded. “Let’s take Bigfoot as an example. Have you ever seen the so called video that was supposed to be of Bigfoot in the early sixties?”
“No, but I saw some still photos taken from the film. My dad showed them to me in a copy of Argosy magazine,” Garry answered.
“So what did you think?” Wally asked. “Did you think the pictures were real or not?”
“They looked pretty real to me,” Garry answered. “Especially the photo where the creature appeared to be running away after spotting the hunters.”
“Have you ever thought how easy it would be to have a big man dress up in a black bear or gorilla costume? When I study the photos closely I swear I can see a silver zipper running up the creature’s back.”
“Okay, that’s just Bigfoot,” Garry said.
“All right. Lets take ufos as another example. A couple of decades ago there was all this excitement about these super clear, close up pictures of alien spacecraft. The guy who claimed to have taken these pictures was a one armed farmer from the Netherlands. I believe that his name was Billy Miere or something similar to that. Anyway, years later after he and his wife had split up she told the press that her ex- husband had faked all his pictures using models of ufos that he had made in his woodshop.” ogopogo 33

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