Excerpt 47 from The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter Forty-Seven:
After about five minutes had passed Todd brought Garry a cup of coffee.
“I hope you like International Delight creamer and Sugar Twin in your coffee,” Todd said handing Garry the cup.
That’s exactly the way I like it,” Garry replied. “I’m hoping this coffee will help clear some of the cobwebs in my head.”
“That haldol is pretty strong stuff. They also gave you lorazepam. I checked your chart.”
“Well, I’ve never been a big fan of meds.”
“I can understand that. The side effects of some of these psychiatric meds can be pretty wicked.”
“The worst is Seroquel. The doctors prescribed that drug for me the last time I was in the hospital and they made me continue taking them at the rehab treatment facility.”
“Which rehab center were you staying at?”
“The House of Hope in Winnipeg.”
“How did you end up there?”
“Well, about a year and a half ago I apparently caused quite a commotion on my parent’s street. I don’t remember much about the incident. They told me that the cops picked me up and took me straight to emergency at the hospital.”
“That must have been scary,” Todd said.
“It was, but it wasn’t the first time that something like that happened to me.”
Just as Garry finished saying this an announcement came over the hospital intercom.
“Todd, Garry’s supper has arrived at the front desk,” the ward’s receptionist said.
“I’m on my way. I’ll just get your dinner and I’ll be right back,” Todd said.
Todd returned shortly with Garry’s meal. “I hope you like chili and fries. That is tonight’s dinner special. There’s also some apple pie for dessert.”
“That sounds great,” Garry said. “I’m starving. I must warn you though that the chili gives me lots of gas.”
Todd laughed. “Don’t worry we have a window in your room to open if the smell gets really bad.”
Garry was really starting to like this guy.
“I heard that you had a rough time on the Greyhound bus,” Todd said.

“That’s an understatement,” Garry replied. “The bus was infested with reptilian creatures.”
“What do these creatures look like?” Todd asked.
“They all come in different forms. Some have heads like snakes, some look like large lizards and some resemble dinosaurs like T-Rex.”
“That must have been scary, seeing all these weird creatures. Where do these beings come from?” Todd asked.
“I know that they are from some planet outside our galaxy but they won’t tell me the name or location of the planet.”
“You’ve actually spoken to them?” Todd asked.
“Once or twice but they usually don’t like communicating with humans especially those that can see that they are really reptilians.”
“When did you first hear about these reptilian creatures?”
“I first read about them on the internet. Then I discovered that my parents are both reptilians too.”
“How did you find that out?” Todd asked.
“After a while I would start seeing their reptilian features for brief moments. My senses became more acute to recognizing that my parents were able to move in and out of their reptilian appearance at will. If a person does not know their true identities they are not likely to ever see their reptilian presentations. Only a select few, like myself, are on to them.”
In two minutes Todd was back with Garry’s supper. As he passed Garry his supper tray Todd’s cell phone rang. When Todd answered the call the fourth floor receptionist told him that he was needed immediately in the emergency department.
“Sorry, buddy. There’s a patient in emergency who appears to be on a bad acid trip and needs someone to talk him down. That job always goes to me when I’m on duty. I’ll come back to talk to you when I get back. Enjoy your supper.”20150825_194307[1]

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