Excerpt 100 from The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter One Hundred Two
It was a short walk from the town commons to Winston Standfield’s house. When Garry knocked on Winston’s front door, he was immediately greeted by the smiling face of Wally’s Grandfather. Wally put down his Diet Coke and got off the couch. “Garry, I see you brought a very beautiful friend along,” Winston said, as he extended his right hand towards Stephanie. Stephanie gave Winston a warm smile and shook his hand, “Pleased to meet you sir. Garry has told me a little bit about you and I’d like to learn a lot more.”
“That’s quite the compliment,” Winston replied. “I’ll try my best to satisfy your curiosity.”
Winston was not repelled in the least by Stephanie’s punk rocker look. Colored hair and piercings had never upset him. He liked kids that showed a bit of attitude. After all, Winston Standfield was just a big kid himself.
“We were just watching wrestling on tv. Do you like wrestling, Stephanie?” Winston asked.
“I love wrestling. You could say I’m a wrestling fanatic,” Stephanie answered.
“Can I get you a drink from the fridge?” asked Wally who was having trouble keeping his eyes off Garry’s new friend. “Would you like a Coke, ice tea or a beer?”
“Oh, that’s easy. I’ll definitely go for a beer,” Stephanie answered.
“I noticed your Save Ogopogo tee shirt. It appears to have a large ugly stain on it,” Winston said.
“Well, Garry and I had a little collision at the refreshment stand at the demonstration. Garry accidentally spilled some of his drink on me.”
“Garry has always been a clumsy oaf,” Wally teased.
“So you two met at the demonstration. What was the demonstration like?” Winston asked.
By that time Wally had handed Stephanie her beer and she was popping the zip tab off her can of Kootenay.
“Can I get you a glass?” Wally asked.
“No way. I’m a punk rocker chick. I have attitude.” Stephanie said. “Sorry about the tee shirt. Garry offered to buy me a new tee shirt, but I told him not to. The stain will probably come out in the wash.”
“That Orange Crush is like battery acid. It can burn a hole right through your tee shirt if you are not careful,” Garry joked.
“I’ve always liked guys with a sense of humor,” Stephanie said.l m 2

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