Excerpt 103 from The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter One Hundred Three
“Now, back to the demonstration,” Winston said. “What went down?
“At first it looked like there was going to be trouble and even violence,” Stephanie answered.
“A lot of wanna- be Ogopogo hunters were out in full force. Many of them were carrying weapons like tire irons and baseball bats.”
“That sounds like what we were just watching on tv,” Winston joked, referring to pro wrestling.
“Yeah, only this was going to be for real. Those good ole boys were looking for a showdown with the demonstrators. All the Save Ogopogo people had were placards to defend themselves,” Garry said.
“That brings back bad memories of the demonstration in Chicago outside the Democratic Party’s Convention in 1968. I know. I was there and took a few good shots to the head from the billy clubs that the police were so freely swinging around.” Winston said.
“So, did anything like that happen at the Ogopogo demonstration?” Wally asked, as he put his can of Coke back on the coffee table.
“No, ironically, this time it was law enforcement that saved the day,” Stephanie replied.
“Sheriff Anderson got up on the stage and let the good ole boys know, in no uncertain terms, that he and his crew weren’t going to tolerate any violence. He told the demonstrators that the local law enforcement crew wouldn’t hesitate to start making arrests at the first sign of violent activity. The sheriff also told the crowd that if the situation got out of hand he would definitely call in the RCMP for back up,” Garry said.
“Sheriff Anderson is a good man. He’s very level headed and knows how to take charge of a situation very quickly and efficiently,” Winston said.
“The Head of the Department of Fisheries also spoke to the crowd,” Stephanie said. “He told the crowd that any boats seen on the lake would be stopped by The Harbor Patrol and searched for weapons of any kind.”
“So, tell me, Stephanie. How did you get interested in the Save Ogopogo group?” Winston asked.
“Oh, you can just call me Steph, sir. Everybody else does.”
“And you can call me Winston. I feel old when people call me, sir. So give us the story about how you became interested in Ogopogo.”
“Well, it all starts with my father, John Richards,” Stephanie answered.
“Is he the Canadian author?”
“How did you know that?”
“As you may have noticed, reading is one of my favorite past times. All you have to do is look around my house. As you can see I have wall to wall bookcases packed with books in my living room. Even my small study has full book cases. I have read two of your father’s fiction novels. He is a very good writer,” Winston said.
“I’ll have to tell my dad what you said about his writing. He will be very pleased to hear your compliment. Like a lot of novelists he has doubts about his own talent,” Steph said.
“My father has been interested in Ogopogo since he was a young boy. He wants to write his next novel about Ogopogo so he got approval from Dean Sanderson to join the university sponsored expedition to look for Ogopogo.”
“Then, perhaps I shall meet your father and ask him to autograph my copies of his books,” Winston said.
“He would be very happy to do that for you. My dad loves his fans. The only concern that I have for the expedition is that it is being financed for the greater part, by the entrepreneur, Blake Riley. I don’t trust the man. Riley would just love to capture a live Ogopogo,” Steph said.
“So you will be going along on this expedition, too, I imagine?” Winston inquired.
“Unfortunately, not. Dean Sanderson has told my father that they are now at full capacity and will not have room for any more crew members. I am very upset about this,” Steph answered.
“Well, then. I have a proposition to offer you. How would you like to join our expedition? It will be on a somewhat smaller scale than the university’s project, but it still offers plenty of excitement. In fact, we have seen Ogopogo up close already,” Winston said. “Of course, I will need you father’s permission to allow you to participate.”
Stephanie was jumping up and down in her chair and yelling, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
A phone call was made to John Richards and after Winston assured him of all the safety precautions that he would be taking, John gave his approval for Stephanie to join Winston’s expedition.Picture 82

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