Excerpt 104 from The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Four:
Not all the wanna -be Ogopogo hunters had given up after Sheriff George Anderson and William Everett had read the riot act to the crowd at the town commons. Two ex -cons were on parole after serving lengthy sentences for armed robbery in Montreal, Quebec. They had already broken their parole by leaving the province.
Their names were Jean-Luc LaFrance and Jean- Guy Larose. As they both shared the same first name they called each other Luc and Guy respectively. Both men were in their mid -thirties.
Luc had long black hair worn in a pony-tail. With his gold earring and dark complexion he resembled a pirate which in fact, he was. As he was handsome enough to be a movie star he didn’t have any problems attracting the opposite sex. His partner Guy had short blonde hair. He had a stocky build that was offset by an easily perceptible limp that was apparent whenever he started to walk. He wore a red lumberjack coat over a Metallica tee shirt even in hot weather. Guy had suffered a severe leg injury from a motorcycle accident that he had in his teenage years.
Both men returned to their cheap, rather seedy motel. On the way to their room they stopped at a vending machine to buy some potato chips and soft drinks. Luc bought a bag of Old Dutch barbeque chips and a Doctor Pepper. Guy decided upon a bag of salt and vinegar chips and a Mountain Dew for his liquid refreshment. It was a very hot afternoon and the two criminals were happy to get to room number six which was an air conditioned unit.
Luc opened up the door and the two men both stretched out on their separate beds.
“It smells kind of stuffy in here,” Guy complained.
“Yeah, I noticed, but if we open the windows we won’t get the full benefit of the air conditioning,” Luc said.
Guy nodded his head in reluctant agreement.
“So what are we going to do now, Luc? About our plans to capture Ogopogo I mean?” Guy asked.
“There is no need to change our plans. Did the sheriff’s speech scare you?” Luc said, apparently challenging Guy’s manhood.
“Not really,” Guy replied sounding somewhat annoyed by Luc’s question.
“Good,” Luc replied. “We’re not the type of guys that get scared real easy. After all, we breached our parole already. What do we care if the sheriff arrests us? I don’t mind it in jail, do you?”
“It’s not too bad. After all, you get a room over your head, there’s no rent to pay and our meals are all paid for by The Department of Corrections,” Guy said. Both men laughed out loud.
“What’s the plan for tomorrow morning, Luc?”
“The plan starts right after midnight. That’s when we’re going to steal a boat. Around noon today while you were at the liquor store I took a little stroll down to the lake front. I saw an old retired couple probably in their mid -sixties. The old guy might even be seventy. By the looks of their Lexus and their new fishing boat I figured these old people are pretty well off. They must be loaded and the old lady probably has some very expensive jewellery on the boat. I figure a couple that old will probably go to bed early. When we arrive on the scene we should easily be able to overpower them and tie them both to their beds. After we take care of that nasty piece of business, we go down to their dock and use the boat to search for Ogopogo,” Luc said.
“Where are we going to get the equipment, Luc?”
“That’s not going to be a problem my friend. While I was casing out their boat, the old couple must have gone into town for lunch. I used the time to check out their gear. Let me tell you, Guy. These people came prepared. Judging by the equipment they brought along, I would hazard a guess that they planned to hunt for Ogopogo themselves. I mean these guys have expensive camera equipment, a huge net, harpoons and a small freezer that I would guess is filled with bait to lure Ogopogo. Once we get their boat we’re all set.”
“So, say we manage to steal the boat tonight and see Ogopogo. What are we going to do? Try to kill it?” Guy asked.
“Kill it? What for? Think, Guy. What would be the point in that? We are entrepreneurs, you and I.”
“So what are we going to do?” Guy asked.
“We’re going to capture Ogopogo alive in the big net. We’ll secure the net to the back of the boat and take off with our treasure,” Luc answered.
“Then what?”
“We find ourselves a nice secluded spot and we hide Ogopogo. Then we contact the Head of The Fisheries Department and tell them we want two million dollars for our catch. We tell him that if we don’t get the money in a few hours we’re leaving the province and will sell Ogopogo to the highest bidder.”
“The highest bidder might just be that crazy entrepreneur, Blake Riley, that I keep reading about in the paper.” Guy said.
“Now you are starting to use tour brain, my friend,” Luc replied. Luc was starting to think that Guy was smarter than he gave him credit for.Picture 81

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