Excerpt 105 from The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter One Hundred Five
Jack Kimberley and his crew had quite a time getting Mike O’Grady’s life size model of Ogopogo out of Mike’s apartment. Fortunately, Mike’s apartment was on the first floor so the men didn’t have to worry about trying to maneuver the replica around stairs. Still the fake Ogopogo was very heavy and Jack was glad that he’d hired three strong young men to help move it.
Mike’s neighbour who lived in the adjacent apartment was still awake. She was an elderly lady who had a hard time falling asleep and liked to watch the late night talk shows. Although the men were trying hard to be very quiet, one of them tripped on one of the long drop cloths that covered the model. He lost his balance for a few seconds and the replica bumped against the doorway of Mike O’Grady’s apartment, creating a loud noise.
The old lady came out of her apartment wearing an old housecoat and pajamas. She was a busy body who wanted to know everything that was going on, in her apartment building all the time. Her orange tabby cat took the opportunity to come out in the hall to join her owner. When the lady saw Mike she couldn’t resist asking him what was going on.
“You’re not moving out, are you Mike?”
“Oh, no. Mrs. Carson. I’m just taking an old couch over to my mother’s place. Her old one is getting pretty shabby,” Mike answered trying not to sound nervous.
“It’s awfully big for a sofa,” Mrs. Carson observed.
“Yes, it is a bit oversized, but it will be useful for my mother. It’s so large that she will be able to take naps on it during the afternoon. She often gets sleepy when she watches her soap operas and she’ll have plenty of room to stretch out on this couch.”
“Why are you moving it at this time of the night, Mike?” Mrs. Carson asked sceptically.
Mike had to do some fast thinking on this one. “You see my friends all work the evening shifts at their jobs so they all get off work about this time. It was the only time that all my helpers were available.”
The look on Mrs. Carson’s face seemed to indicate that she didn’t find Mike’s answer to be very credible, but it was so late an hour that she didn’t feel like challenging him.
“Well, you boys just be careful moving that thing. Someone could really hurt their back if they stumbled and fell,” Mrs. Carson said trying to show her concern.
As the old lady watched the men carry the large object out the front door of the apartment, she couldn’t help but see something sticking out the back that wasn’t completely covered. She was certain that she could see a large tail sticking out of the end of the object.
Once the men were all outside, Mrs. Carson turned around to see the apartment’s supervisor, Mr. Hayes who was standing in the hall dressed in his bath robe, pajamas and slippers.
“Did you just see what I saw?” Mrs. Carson asked as she turned to him. “Didn’t it look like an alligator or crocodile’s tail?”
“I thought I was seeing things,” Mr. Hayes said yawning and scratching what little hair he still had on his head.
“How could Mike have gotten a wild, jungle animal into his apartment without anyone noticing?” the supervisor asked slowly starting to wake up.
“Thank God, he’s getting rid of it,” Mrs. Carson said, shaking her head.
“I bet that they’re going to put that animal in Lake Okanagan. That’s all we need. An alligator or a crocodile in the lake, not to mention, Ogopogo. It won’t be safe to go in the lake anymore. I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to call Sheriff Anderson,” Mr. Hayes said.20150914_114904[1]

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