Excerpt 107 from The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter One Hundred Seven
At about one o’clock in the morning Jack Kimberley’s work crew arrived at his lake front cottage. Jack had his high end cabin cruiser tied to the dock. He also had a rather large state of the art speed boat just to the left of it. The boats were very expensive and came with all the bells and whistles. Like his ex-friend Blake Riley, Jack greatly valued all the good things in life. The chase for the good things in life was what motivated these men to get up every morning.
The sky was now pitch black with only the brightly shining stars and the full moon to provide illumination. In the early hours of the morning the temperature dropped considerably and being on the lake would cause Jack’s crew to feel even colder.
Jack knew exactly what he’d need to make this a successful project so he made sure that his well- muscled crew also knew how to navigate a variety of different boats before he hired them.
As soon as his party arrived at his dock, the first item on the agenda was to get the Ogopogo model off the flat- bed truck and loaded onto Jack’s big cabin cruiser. With considerable effort the men were able to lift the replica onto the boat.
With this job accomplished Jack took charge and started to give his crew specific instructions. He made sure that every man knew his assignment.
Jack told the designated captains of both boats to each keep the other vessel in sight. He wanted to make sure that both boats were easily accessible to each other if any unforeseen incidents occurred.
After the vessels had travelled about one hundred meters from the shoreline, Jack signalled both boats to come to a stop. Jack had decided that they had reached a suitable spot to launch Mike’s replica of Ogopogo.
The strongest men on Jack’s crew slowly lowered the fake Ogopogo into the water as the divers started putting on their gear. Mike O’Grady began getting his cameras and video equipment set up on tripods. In a few minutes Jack gave the orders for the divers to start maneuvering the wooden replica from below the surface of the water. The divers were very happy to discover that the model dinosaur could float on the surface when they let go of it. fantasy 5


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