Excerpt 111 from The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter One Hundred Eleven
Luc and Guy were able to get down the walk way to the dock without drawing the attention of the old couple.
They climbed aboard the elderly couple’s cabin cruiser and began to look around. Luc got the boat started and the two criminals started out towards Squally Point.
The old man got out of bed and looked out his front window just in time to see his cabin cruiser leaving the dock. He swore under his breath and immediately went to his phone to call the Sheriff’s Office to report that his cabin cruiser had been stolen.
Guy and Luc were having a great time sailing along Lake Okanagan. Guy found the liquor cabinet on the craft. The two thieves now had an ample supply of alcohol to help keep them entertained. They were laughing and telling jokes about how easy it was to steal the boat. Guy turned towards the back of the cruiser when he spotted lights about two hundred meters behind them. The speed boat behind them seemed to be picking up speed and was gaining on them.
“Hey Luc. There’s a speed boat coming up right behind us. It could be the Harbor Patrol.”
Luc put down his glass filled with Canadian Club, turned around and could see the lights behind their boat.
“Yeah, it’s the harbor patrol all right,” Luc confirmed.
Guy was starting to panic.
“What if they stop us and start asking questions? What if they ask us for ID?”
“Settle down, Guy. I’m good at talking to cops. I just don’t need you acting all nervous. I don’t want these guys suspecting that something is wrong. Grab a fishing rod and pretend that we’re just fishing. I’ll slow down the cruiser. With any luck we’ll just wave to them and they’ll pass us by,” Luc said.
Just after Luc said this their boat got a heavy bump from a large object. A few seconds later the men both heard and felt another heavy jar and the two men were knocked off their feet.
“Something’s attacking our boat, Luc.”
By this time the cabin cruiser was slanted on an angle and water was starting to get onto the deck. When the two criminals got to their feet a thick, long, green tail swatted them overboard and into the lake. Neither man had bothered to put on his life preserver. They were quickly pulled below the surface of the water.
By this time the harbor patrol were in close vicinity of the cabin cruiser. The two officers had seen the huge, green tail knock the two men off their vessel. When they got closer to the cabin cruiser they looked over to where the men had been knocked off their boat. They could now see the water bubble up leaving a long trail of red blood.ifantasy 10

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