Excerpt 113 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter One Hundred Thirteen
Jack Kimberley was sitting in the waiting room of the emergency ward. He was feeling very guilty about what had happened to his friend, Mike O’Grady. If only he hadn’t told his crew to move the boat closer to Ogopogo.
Jack was thinking of other matters, too. The appearance and filming of the junior Ogopogo had changed everything. It forced Jack to come up with other plans where Blake Riley was concerned. Finding a real live Ogopogo would not make a fool out of Blake Riley. It proved that Blake’s plan for an expedition to search for Ogopogo was not really far -fetched at all. Their sighting proved that Ogopogo was real and Jack now had the film evidence to prove it.
The question now was what would he do with his video evidence. With Mike O’Grady in critical condition, Jack would need another photo and video technician to analyze both the still photos and video footage that Mike had taken.
If the photos and video footage turned out to be of high quality, Jack figured that he was sitting on a gold mine. In a way, he would have his revenge on Blake Riley. Jack was now the one who would get all the money and fame. Unlike Blake, Jack didn’t see the need to capture a live Ogopogo now that he had the video footage. But who knows? If what Mike had filmed was a junior size Ogopogo, that meant that the creature likely had full sized adult parents swimming living in Lake Okanagan.
Jack started to think about the possibility of upping the ante. What if he and his crew were able to capture a live Ogopogo? How much money would he be able to get from the photos and videos alone? He could sell to the highest bidder.
While Jack was thinking of ways to benefit himself, Dr. Garvey walked into the waiting room to talk to Jack and his crew. He asked the men to follow him up to his second floor office. Once there, he asked the men to take a seat.
“The first question that I need to ask is this. Were any of you able to contact any of Mike’s next of kin?”
“Unfortunately not,” Jack replied. “None of us knew Mike that well and Mike had never talked to us about his family.”
“That is indeed, unfortunate,” Dr. Garvey said.
“Why is that?” Jack asked nervously. “I mean Mike’s going to pull through, isn’t he?”
“I’m afraid not. He died on the operating table. Mike had a massive heart attack. I’m sorry,” Dr. Garvey said.fantasy 4

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