Excerpt 116 from The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Chapter One Hundred Sixteen
When Blake Riley’s crew reached the area near Rattlesnake Island, Dr. Lionel Hardy was scanning the lake with a pair of high powered binoculars. He started jumping around the deck of the boat and yelled, “I see something about fifty yards away. It could be Ogopogo!”
Blake Riley was only a few feet from Lionel. “Quick! Give me those binoculars!” Blake looked through the binoculars in the direction that Dr. Hardy was pointing.
“I see it! Everyone that has a camera or camcorder grab them quickly.
By this time dawn was breaking and the darkness of the night was starting to lift. Most of the crew now had their video equipment ready.
“History shall be made this morning!” Lionel Hardy bellowed, as he paced around the boat’s deck, being unable to restrain his excitement.
As Blake’s boat moved in closer some of the crew’s excitement had turned into fear. Mike O’Grady’s model looked so authentic that it could easily be mistaken for the real thing. The model was still wet from being dunked in the water by the junior Ogopogo. Its neck was approximately eight feet long and its head resembled that of a horse. The mouth of the replica was open exposing a set of razor sharp teeth. It appeared to be at least thirty feet long.
The fake Ogopogo was soon being lit up by the flashes from all of the cameras. Two of the crew had started filming a video with their camcorders.
“I think we should stop the boat. I don’t think it’s safe to get any closer to the animal,” Monique Painchaud said.
Blake Riley ignored this warning and kept the boat moving closer to the perceived threat.
“We’re close enough now to get a tissue sample,” Blake said.
“Someone grab a harpoon and aim for the body of the creature.”
“One of Peter Mark’s men threw a harpoon against the model’s body. It stuck right into the wood.”
“This is very odd,” said the man who threw the harpoon. The animal didn’t make a sound from the pain.”
“Maybe its flesh is very thick and it has a high tolerance for pain.” Dr. Hardy said.
“I noticed that there hasn’t been any change in the creature’s facial expression. This is very strange.”
“It’s not real!” Monique cried out. “It’s just a model of Ogopogo.’’
When Blake Riley could see that Monique was right he let out a stream of expletives.
“Somebody built a fake replica of Ogopogo to fool us. This is just a prank,” Lionel said.
“Let’s tie her up and haul her in,” Blake ordered. We may be able to make some use of this thing later.”
Just after Blake said this, the boat took a heavy bump from below the surface.fantasy 11

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