About the Ken David Stewart Podcast

About Page For Podbean Podcast

Hey, my name is Ken David Stewart. I’m a self published author and a substitute teacher. I have just finished writing my new novel, The Lake Demon which is presently available in the Kindle format at Amazon.ca and a paperback version is available through Amazon.com. I have two previous released books available on Amazon called The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang (a play) and Summer Dreams (a novella). I am presently working on a new novel called Winter Dreams, the sequel to Summer Dreams.

I started writing about ten years ago. I was teaching drama to adult students at the time and was having a difficult time finding plays that would be relevant to this group of students. I finally decided to start writing my own plays. As my students seemed to be enjoying my writing I began writing on my own as an indie author.

My new podcast on Podbean is a work in progress. I already have some ideas as to what I want to include in The Ken David Stewart Podcast. I want to discuss my own writing, read excerpts from my own work, and review and recommend other authors’ work. As I am also a dedicated professional wrestling fan, I want to do some podcasts that deal with sports entertainment.

Listening to music is also one of my passions, so I would like to have some podcasts dealing with sports entertainment. I also have a strong interest in cryptozoology and would like to do some podcasts on this topic.author photo

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