Calling It In

Calling It In

My life has gone through great changes during the last few weeks. I feel like a new man and I feel alive for the first time in years. In the Charismatic Pentecostal stream of Christianity this is what is known as breakthrough, something that some of us contend for, for years.

A few weeks ago my wife and I were praying and I felt totally overcome by the pressures and pain in my life. For many years I had learned and practised strategies that would numb me out. Other than my immediate family I didn’t want anything to do with people. Even my own family would get only crumbs of my time and attention. I had established deep in my heart that getting involved with people only brought pain and anguish and frankly, I just didn’t want to feel any more. I didn’t want to hurt anymore.

When I cried out to God in prayer I was very angry and told Him all the things that were disappointing and frustrating me. I was so raw and emotional that I wept, something I rarely do. While I talked to God I started calling in both things, money and people that the enemy had stolen from me. During the last couple of weeks, I have already had some of my prayers answered. Some in as little as one day. Some prayers may take longer but I know that God will deliver on His promises to me. So far, he has said, ‘Yes and amen’ to all of them.Liopleurodon

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