Episode 9 of Chaos, a Novel by Ken David Stewart

Episode 9:

“Wow. That must really hurt,” Roger said as he tried to light his pipe.

“Yeah, I guess it does, but I’m tough. I can live through a lot and I still am. Every day’s a struggle. I’ve never really had anyone I could trust in my life.” Glenda’s eyes started to tear up.

“So what happened after your dad left?” Roger asked while passing a box pf Kleenex over to Glenda.

“The only way my mother knew how to cope was to turn to the bottle. Mom also got stoned on weed a lot. She also took several kind pf benzos and antidepressants that she got from her doctor. Mom was always good at scamming doctors.”

“How could your mother look after you while she was so impaired?” Roger asked.

“She couldn’t take proper care of me, my brother and my sister. That’s why Child and Family Services took all her kids away and placed us all in different foster homes,” Glenda answered and then drank a bit of her hot chocolate. “You sure make a good cup of hot chocolate, Roger. This is delicious.”

“It’s Tim Horton’s, dear. Only the best for you.”images 6

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