Episode 11 of Chaos, a Novel by Ken David Stewart

Episode 11:

Roger got up from his easy chair and walked up to his living room window to look outside. He continued to talk to Glenda with his back toward her.

“I’ll be up front with you Glenda. I’m an alcoholic in recovery. I’ve only been sober a little past a year now. I got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous and recently received my one year of sobriety pin. Roger didn’t know why he was sharing such personal information with a stranger.

“Can I use your washroom, Roger? I need to pee.”

“Sure, the washrooms just upstairs, the first door on your right.”

Roger now had a couple of minutes to collect his thoughts and started to realize how bizarre this situation was. He had just invited a complete stranger into his home and was talking to her as if she was an old friend.

When Glenda came back downstairs, and entered Roger’s small living room, it was obvious that she had tried to clean herself up. She had washed her face and her mascara was no longer running.

“I know all about addiction myself, Roger. I’m  hooked on narcotic opiates like oxycodone. I’ve also been diagnosed as having BPD.” Glenda said matter-of-factly.

“What’s BPD Roger asked. “I may have read about it.” asked.

“It’s a psychiatric disorder known as borderline personality disorder. It makes me act really crazy at times. I just thought that I’d warn you,” Glenda said.

Roger turned his head toward Glenda and looked her squarely in the eyes, “I’m shocked that you would tell me that.”

“Don’t be. I’m very straight up with people,” Glenda replied.

“Do you have a place to live right now?” Roger asked.

“Not really. I’ve kind of been homeless for the last couple of months. I just sort of couch surf.” Roger looked at all Glenda’s piercings and wondered if their installation caused her a lot of pain. Glenda’s midriff T-shirt was sleeveless and Roger observed a pentagram tattoo on Glenda’s right shoulder.

“What does couch surfing mean? Excuse me, but I’m an old man and I don’t get to learn a lot of young people’s lingo.

Glenda smiled and laughed, “It means that I stay for short periods of time, usually a few days, at other people’s places and usually sleep on the couch, or sometimes I sleep in my own sleeping bag.”fantasy_1

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