A New Direction Podcast

Doing Life Together A New Podcast by Ken David Stewart

Some of my readers may be aware that I have been doing my own podcasts on Podbean.com and ITunes for several months now. The title of my podcast was formerly The Ken David Stewart Podcast. Its new name is Doing Life Together. I found that with my former podcast I was covering a variety of topics that did not appear to have much of a common theme. Doing it that way made it nearly impossible to reach a niche audience.

For my new podcasts I will be placing a greater emphasis upon applying spiritual principles to how we handle the tough challenges of daily life. The content will be from a Christian perspective, but will also be of value to non believers or anyone who is facing difficult situations in their life.

I am praying that this podcast will be very interactive by way of the listening audience providing both feedback and comments. In my podcasts and blogs I try to be very honest and open. I did a podcast last night and will include it in today’s blog post.

God bless you all,

Ken David StewartPicture 82

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