The Strangest Election Ever

The Strangest Election Ever? (Part One)

I’m a Canadian, but like many other Canadians, I have closely followed most presidential election races. I’m well aware that the results of American elections will affect both Canada the whole world. However, the most recent race for the White House was very likely the most fascinating one that I can recall.

This was an election campaign made for the times we are living in. It was like watching reality t.v. with dramatic twists and turns. The observer could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next. Some would say that all the dramatic tension was created by Donald Trump, but I would argue that it would not have been as entertaining as it was if Mr. Trump did not have Hillary Clinton as an opponent.

The first irony was that there weren’t that many who took Donald Trump’s desire for the presidency of The United States seriously. Mr. Trump certainly had an unusual way of conveying his message. He made some very controversial, bombastic statements that didn’t sound very presidential.

We had never encountered a presidential candidate like Donald Trump before. He spoke his mind in his own way and didn’t appear to care if people liked his delivery or not. When Donald Trump first ran in the Republican primaries not many took his campaign for the presidency very seriously. My impression was that at first, most Republicans thought that Trump would provide some comic relief that would lead to a lot of early media attention.The Ken David Stewart Podcast

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