Episode 62 and 63 of Winter Dreams

Episode 62:


Coach Brad Keenan assembled his team in the visitors’ dressing room. Here’s the situation. boys. Norberry’s backup goalie has a bad case of the flu and won’t be able to play for Norberry tonight. I’ve met with Norberry’s coach, Jeff Hadley, and we have worked out a deal. Miles Myers will finish the game in goal for Norberry. In exchange we get guaranteed home ice advantage in the playoffs,” Coach Brad Keenan explained.


The Maplewood Cougars looked at each other as if they couldn’t believe what they had just heard.


Coach Keenan and spoke directly to Miles Myers, “Miles, this is a great opportunity for you. I have assured Norberry’s coach that you will play to the best of your ability. The better you play during the rest of tonight’s game, the higher you will arise in my estimation.


Brad then turned to address the rest of his team, “Now I want you to get this straight guys. Miles is not a traitor to his team. He’s helping us get home game advantage during the playoffs and the playoffs is where we’re headed. Now were only down by one goal, so let’s go out on the ice and win this thing!”


When the two teams return to the ice Miles Myers was roughing up the crease with his goalie skates. He was in Norberry’s goal wearing number thirty in a  Knight’s red and white sweater.

Episode 63:

One of the Norberry’s defenseman Phil Regent skated over to Miles to have a brief chat,

“Look Myers. This is how it’s going to go. Me and the rest of the team are going to supply you with all of the protection you are going to need. We are going to keep the puck in Maplewood’s end for as much of the game as we can. When Maplewood does get possession we are going to really lay on the body and check them hard. We’ll ride them hard right along the boards. When your team does get a chance for a shot on goal, we’ll do our best to block it. Any shots that do get through us, I expect you to stop them. Any questions?”

“No, I want to win this game for you guys. I’ve got a lot on the line. I need to prove to myself, my coach and the rest of the Cougars that I’m a better goalie than Rick Miller is. The emotion of fear transformed into rage within Miles Myers. He was sick and tired of standing in the shadow of Rick Miller.

“That’s exactly what I want to hear!” Phil Regent said as he slapped Miles Myers on the pads and skated up the ice to await the upcoming face off.

Episode 64:goalie 7

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