Winter Dreams Missing Episodes 1 and 2

img_0005Missing Episode 1:

When the buzzer finally rang, signalling the end of the game, Rick was mobbed by his teammates. He looked up toward the stands in time to witness the Maplewood Cougars fans giving him a standing ovation.

One of the fans yelled, “Thank goodness you’re back, Rick. You really dug us out of a deep hole in that one!”

Rick waved back to his fans and shouted back, “Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate it.”

“Way to go Rick. If you keep playing like this, we may have a chance of making the play-offs.”

Rick was almost walking on clouds as he walked the rest of the way to his team’s dressing room. He could feel the pats on his shoulder as he neared the visitors dressing room door.

Miles Myers was the first player to enter the dressing room. He abandoned his usual routine of slowly getting out of his hockey gear and changing into his street clothes.

Tonight Miles was in a hurry to get out of the dressing room and leave the arena as quickly as possible. He hadn’t played a role in tonight’s victory and this game made it obvious that the Cougars were a much better team with Rick Miller in goal. Miles turned to Rick as he was leaving the dressing room, “You’re the man. You played great.”

Since their season started, this was the

first time that the Maplewood Cougars were really excited about their chances. This was an amazing change from the beginning of the season. The present cadre of young players had never experienced what it was like to play for a winning team. During the previous years, they could hardly dream of making the play-offs. They were now in a position to take the last open play-off spot in their division. What they now needed to do was win three of their next games and have Winakwa lose all three of their remaining league games.



Missing Episode 2

The player’s girlfriends were waiting for their boyfriends outside the dressing room. They were all laughing and joking and were in a jubilant mood. All but one girl was celebrating, Linda Saunders, the hockey wives’fearless leader. Linda was crying and shaking in a stall in the women’s washroom. For Linda, this evening had been very humiliating. She wasn’t happy in the least that the Cougars had won tonight’s game.  Linda, racking with sobs, felt angry and humiliated. Last year at this time Linda would have heard the other girls telling her how well Miles had played, and that the loss of the game would have been much worse if it hadn’t been for Mile’s ability to make some key saves during the game.


After a few minutes Linda left the stall and tried to pull yourself together. She was washing her face at the sink when Misty Roberts entered the restroom.

Linda took a quick glance to see who had just come in. Misty could see that Linda had been crying.


“What’s the matter Linda? Why aren’t you celebrating with the rest of the girls?” Misty asked.


“Gee, I wonder why!” Linda snapped back. You’re the one with the hero boyfriend.” Her anger brought on another rush of tears.

“And your friends arranged it so that I would have to apologize to you in front of the other girls. How do you think that made me feel? You know, I think I should just dumped Miles and stopped being a team supporter.”

Misty walked slowly towards Linda and pulled some Kleenex out of her purse. “It looks like you need a big hug.”

As Misty opened her arms Linda somewhat reluctantly received her hug.

“It’s going to be all right Linda. Yes, Rick played well tonight, but what would the team have done without Miles while Rick was injured? I think the girls respect you more after your public apology to Rick and me. That took a lot of courage,” Misty said before breaking the embrace.  “Thank you for saying that Misty. I badly misjudged you. You are a very forgiving and caring person.



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