A Eulogy For a Dearly Loved Brother by Ken David Stewart

A Eulogy for a Dearly Loved Brother

Alan Duncan Stewart (Part One)

Hello and welcome family and friends of Allan Stewart. Allan is enjoying a great day today. He just moved from Earth to heaven on August 16, 2017. If you want to think of it another way, Allan is just on vacation.  I will explain what I mean in detail later.

Allan had a chronic progressive illness called myotonic dystrophy. Although Alan was probably already symptomatic in his early twenties, he didn’t become critically ill until two years ago. During this time of crisis his wife Cora, brother Neil, myself and Allan’s sister-in-law, Martha Stewart, went to visit Allan every day. Although we prayed fervent and ardent prayers for Allan, part of me still feared the Allan could pass away that summer.

Miraculously, Allan beat the odds and his health showed significant improvement over the next two years. Allan was transferred from Concordia Hospital to live permanently at Deer Lodge Center. During his stay at Deer Lodge, Allan was well-liked by the staff and was treated with compassion, professionalism, and was shown great love. The family wishes to express our utmost gratitude to the Deer Lodge staff and to any staff members that are present this morning, we thank you. We want you to know that your hard work, dedication and compassion is greatly appreciated by the whole Stewart family.

I only really knew Allan well in his younger years when we were both kids. We would come to know each other some more as we became teenagers and young adults. After a couple of decades we were no longer in close contact with each other. When Cora phoned Martha to tell her that Allan was in the hospital and was seriously ill, the whole family came down to circle the wagons.

My wife Martha once told me she was impressed with the way the Stewart family rapidly rallied around when there was a crisis. This is very true. It’s just a fact. Many people have made derogatory statements over the years about our family and have not held us in the highest regard, but this is one thing that cannot ever be held against us. Whenever one of us is in trouble, the immediate family, extended family, adopted family and close friends always join forces in a rescue mission. No one fails to heed the battle cry.

I want to emphasize that any of the Stewart family that have any resentments or grudges toward another Stewart need to forgive them right away this morning. This is a Biblical command. I must say that I’m very proud to be a Stewart.

The doctors at Concordia Hospital did not give the family with a very promising prognosis in concerning Allan’s health. They told us it Allan would not get any better as as time passed. With myotonic dystrophy being a chronic and progressive illness, we would likely see a sudden regression in Allan’s health. Allan would then pass away.

Allan beat the odds by rebounding and rallying for two more years while at Deer Lodge Center. On many visits to see Allan, Martha, Cora, Neil and me laid hands on Allan and prayed allowed the prayers for Allan’s healing. God heard these prayers and in His compassion granted Allan two more years of life on this earth; a time in which Allan truly found the Lord and became a very Godly man. Allan’s wife for told me during this time that Allan accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and became a very spiritual man. The credit for this will ultimately be going to God, but Cora was a key instrument in developing Allan’s enormous spiritual growth in his latter years.

Cora was truly a loving and devoted wife to Allan and knew that the most important thing that she could do for him was to bring him into the Kingdom of Heaven. Since the evening of Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Allan’s physical suffering has ceased. He is happier where he is than we are here. Allan is exceedingly, abundantly happier than he’s ever been in his earthly life. We cannot imagine how much joy that Allan is experiencing right now.

The other day I told Cora that I had a vision of Allan sitting on a beautiful, multi-colored stool in one of Heaven’s forests petting a group of rabbits. I could see the rabbits sitting on Allan’s lap and looking up at him with an enraptured look in their eyes. There was a black one, a brown rabbit a white one, gray one and possibly some other color. Yes, there are animals in Heaven! We get all our pets back and get to pick out some more awesome new pets.

Years ago when my wife Martha’s father Pastor Frank Peters passed away, I had a vision of him riding a white horse in Heaven. Not only did I not remember that a white horse was mentioned in the Bible, but Martha’s sister, Esther told me that her dad had at one time in his life rode horses.

I recall that I once had a vision of myself rolling down a hill in Heaven with a bunch of Chinese black and white pandas. How cool is that!


Recently, I got a word from the Lord that anyone of you who is not a Christian and has not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be both saved and will be a Christian before I’m finished preaching today or within the next twenty-four hours. I got this message straight from God and this is a mighty promise indeed! I’m going to put Him in remembrance of that now. God has never let me down.  We will be having a voluntary altar call at the end of the service and all of you will have an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior this morning and will know for sure where you’re going when you die and you will be certain that place is in Heaven with the Lord Jesus. After doing this. your name will immediately be written in the Book of Life and you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you now have eternal life.

How to Get Saved:

The process of getting saved or spending eternity in Heaven is very simple. It is very simple as it is God’s will that none will perish or go to hell. There is one thing that you are required to do to receive this free gift of eternal life. You must say this prayer. It may be said aloud in your own words:

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus. Thank you for dying on the Cross in my place. Thank you for paying the debt in full for all my sins, past, present and future. Thank you that there is no further price that I need to pay. I repent of my sins Lord. I am sorry for what I have done. Thank you Heavenly Father that You sacrificed Your Son’s earthly body for me. Today Jesus, I turn my will and my life over to You. Thank you for coming into my heart. My desire is to follow you all the days of my life.


4 thoughts on “A Eulogy For a Dearly Loved Brother by Ken David Stewart

  1. I would also like to share a few things about hell I don’t know about fire but have felt it more on a sense total total emptiness something no one wants to be I also have felt the total I mean total joy of the lord like I can imagine if will be like all the time in heaven like where your brother is now .

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    1. Hi Rick. Thank you for sharing your insights. Thank you for backing me up on the reality of heaven and hell. I don’t like the concept of a literal hell but I’m glad to know that I’m not going there and I decree that none of my family and friends will be going there either. I don’t know all of what heaven entails but I know we’re going to have a blast there. My prayer is that every one I know and meet will be joining me in heaven. I’m going to keep writing my blogs and recording my podcast show, The Internet Pastor on Podbean.com. My prayer is that more people will tune in and get saved and come to know Jesus.


  2. I wasn’t around when Babe Ruth or Bela Lugosi died, but when Elvis died on August 16th I was 12 years old and last year when my soul brother Dale was found having ended his own life…just past midnight … it was on August 16th and I had just turned 52 years old moments earlier.
    Elvis was my hero when I was 12 and it was the first time I recognized death as an event of some significance. In some ways it was the same year I took a stand against the exclusitivity of Jesus as the “only” way. I argued about this path I chose a year later with my foster father …my 9th foster father …and as I entered my teens I never forgot about God and his son… I just made it my mission to encompass all philosophies and religions and lifestyles as equally valid. I was accountable now and I was denying Jesus as the only way!
    The last few years have seen all those paths I tried to take lead me to the same place …the top of the same mountain as I described religion to be exactly that ….paths to the same mountain top. Yet as you know Ken that’s the deceiver imitating truth because without Jesus I was actually drowning and that mountain top I was focusing on was the dark reflection of truth in a deep and bottomless black lake!
    When Dale died it was 40 yrs later and in a strange way reminded me that Day I heard Elvis died! But I had a comforter protecting me from The same loneliness I used to feel that Rick speaks of .. And the harder I tried to figure it out on my own and without Jesus in the past …the deeper, darker, and more fearful and lonely I became. Without Jesus I would have lost all hope and faith especially when I found Dale hanging 20 feet in the air.
    Without Grace I would have felt guilty, shameful, responsible and despair.
    Without Repentence and his Forgiveness I would never have found the promise of his Righteousness and his Comforter alive In me.
    Without a choice to say that powerful prayer you gave us above Ken… I would have been blind to the elegance of the simplicity of surrender and would not be able to see and hear the miracle that God performed in not only your brothers life but in all of the extended family that enjoyed his life of an additional two years.
    This year I spent an afternoon much like you did for your brother …but with my brother Dales family and with my Fiancée Roma. I testified to them what I failed to say during the eulogy I performed a year ago … That Jesus is the ONLY WAY and unlike every other religious, spiritual, or new age belief system that teaches you can EARN enlightenment, collective consciousness, power of the universe if you discipline yourself, train yourself , behave your self , be righteous yourself …. Jesus paid for our salvation and redeemed us bought our eternal lives back for us from the Cross but he will not force us to receive a Gift …don’t let false humility and lack of hope prevent you from saying yes like Ken and his brother have done …say yes and your eyes will be opened, hearts restored, life saved and souls redeemed…

    Thank you for reminding me this August 16 th my 53rd birthday …that we are Truly Redeemed by Jesus and Thank you for sharing your brothers life and death and new life testimonial !

    Love ya Ken and Martha ! David Doucette

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