About Ken David Stewart

Hello people,

What can I tell you about myself? I know that a lot of people start off by telling you what they do for a living. I have never thought that this was a good way of defining anyone’s identity. Unfortunately, too many people have jobs that have little to do with who they are as a person. Their jobs often just happen to be how they earn a living. With that being said I am presently a self published indie auth0r. I have three completed books on sale at Amazon. One is a comedy play called The Wild and Hilarious Adventures of The Roswell Gang. The second is a short novella about growing up in the sixties titled Summer Dreams. My latest published novel is called The Lake Demon. I have two works in progress. One is called Chaos and the other is titled Winter Dreams. My day job is working as a substitute teacher where I reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada. I had worked as a mental health worker for thirteen years and previous to this I had been a full time school teacher for twenty years.

I read voraciously everything from other people’s blogs to books about history,economics, theology, technology and anything else that captures my interest at the moment. Since I write fiction I also read and listen to a lot of fiction. The problem is that there is too much out there to read. Right now I am reading books by Joel Osteen and Tom Wolfe. I have actually read parts of Moby Dick. My all time favorite fiction writer is Stephen King.

In my spare time I go rides on my Giant mountain bike, work out at the gym, listen to music on Sirius Xm, Last FM and Google Music, listen to audio books on Scribd and Audiobooks.com, and watch the WWE network. Truth be told I’m a fanatic wrestling fan who also watches Monday Night Raw Smackdown and especially the pay per views. I also love NFL football. My favorite team is The Oakland Raiders. As I mentioned before, I love music and play bass guitar.

I am totally addicted to technology and spend a good part of my day on my PC, ipod, laptop or Android tablet.

T am happily married and live with my wife, two dogs and a cat.

I love to write blogs and do podcasts on Podbean, Sound Cloud and itunes and especially enjoy it when I see lots of activity on my blogs and podcasts and receive lots of comments. You can reach me on facebook. Look under Ken David Stewart or Ken David Stewart Book. You can send me an email at kourageousken.com@yahoo.com

Have a great day,

Ken David Stewart

The Ken David Stewart Podcast

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