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Author’s Preface to The Cover Up Novel

The Cover Up

Author’s Preface

I must point out right off the bat that The Cover Up is a work of fiction. My goal as with my other works of fiction, Roswell 1947 and the newly released Summer Dreams is to entertain and to educate. Like you dear reader, I enjoy either reading or listening via audio book, to a good tale. I like the world of imagination and enjoy writing my own works of fiction. Most of us hard working people simply need a break from our hurried and often stressed out lives. Let’s face it. Living is hard and something like a good story can give us some much needed relief.

I am still in the process of writing The Cover Up. Like Summer Dreams I will be releasing the first draft in serialized editions. I actually started writing Summer Dreams concurrently with The Cover Up as I needed to take breaks from writing the latter novel. The Cover Up is a hard story for me to write. Although the story is completely fictitious it is not an easy tale to tell. I have had first- hand experience working with people with serious and chronic mental illnesses. For this reason it is often painful for me to write as it brings back too many disturbing memories of the lives of people with a debilitating mental illness. Still, I think this is a fictitious work that mirrors enough of reality that it needs to be told.

With that being said, I will emphatically state that The Cover Up is a work of fiction and that any resemblance to actual persons living or deceased, institutions or organizations is entirely coincidental.

Yours truly,

Ken David Stewart

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Chapter143 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Forty-Three:
Dr. Marsha Mitchell in her office trying to catch up on some of her files. She heard her phone ring.
“Hello. Dr. Mitchell. This is Sheriff George Anderson. I’m calling to give you a heads up that you will soon be getting three more clients. I received a call from one of the surgeons at the hospital, Dr.Phillip Garvey. He told me that his first patient had died on the operating table. He was a man named Mike O’Grady. Mike had most of his right arm torn off by an unknown animal in Lake Okanagan. By the time his crew got him to the hospital it was too late. The poor man had lost a great deal of blood and was in very poor health prior to his injury. The doctor said that Mr. O’Grady died of from a massive heart attack while he was on the operating table.”
“That’s horrible. What happened to the other two men?” asked Marsha.
“They were DOA when they got to the hospital. These two men were criminals who stole an old couple’s boat, but they didn’t need to die in such a horrible manner. They were enjoying a couple of beers on the main deck when they were suddenly knocked off their boat by a very large green tail. The Harbor Patrol divers found the two bodies of the criminals. They were mauled very badly. One man’s leg was torn off above the knee and the other guy’s torso was almost torn in two,” answered Sheriff Anderson.
“One of the divers got a good look at the animal that caused the destruction. All he could tell me, on the record, was that the animal was an unidentifiable marine predator. Off the record he told me he was sure that it was Ogopogo.”
“This sounds very similar to the Ida Rhodes case,” said Dr. Mitchell.11

Ken David Stewart Thanks His Friends, Followers and Fans

Thank You to Friends, Followers and Fans of Ken David Stewart’s Writing Blog
I would like to personally thank all of my readers who have taken the time to ‘like’ my posts and to make comments on them. There have been so many of you during the last few days that I will not be able to thank all of you individually. I just want you to know that I greatly appreciate your feedback and welcome your comments and questions about my writing.
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Chapter 113 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Thirteen:
Mike O’Grady heard a loud knock on his door at ten o’clock in the morning. He usually got up late and was just starting on his first coffee and first cigarette of the day. He was almost surprised when he arose each morning to find that he hadn’t died in his sleep. At Mike’s age and with his many health challenges every day was a bonus for him. He grabbed his beautiful hand carved walking stick and walked towards his apartment’s door.
“Hang on. I’m coming,” Mike yelled. He wished that people could appreciate how hard it was for him to get around and that they would make allowances for the extra time it took him to do things.
When Mike opened the door he was greeted by Jack Kimberley. Behind Jack were two strapping young men who were carrying long, thick pieces of lumber. Standing behind them were two attractive young females who were carrying cleaning supplies. Jack was carrying assorted bags that contained paint, various tools that Mike had requested and a can of carpenter’s glue.
“I hope I bought all the material that you’ll need Mike,” said Jack. “I’ve also brought along some human resources with me whom I am paying to be at your beck and call. I realize that you are not in the best of health so I’m going to spare you the grunt work and let you save your energy for your creative and artistic talents. Please call me if I have forgotten anything or you think of anything else that will help you with this project. I’ve asked the ladies to immediately start cleaning your apartment. If you are going to build a life size model of Ogopogo, you are going to need as much free space as possible to work. We can’t have you tripping over anything, can we?
My two male workers are going to start moving your furniture out of the way for you so that the ladies can start cleaning your floors. How long do you think it will take you to finish this project, Mike?”
“I would say give me about a week. I might be able to finish faster with all the helpers you’ve given me. I will still need to take frequent rest breaks to get my breath and energy back up, but it is a great relief to know that I won’t have to do any heavy lifting,” answered Mike.
Mike’s eyes were filled with wonder when he looked around and saw all the lumber, paints and other materials that Jack and his crew had brought in. He once again felt the same rush of excitement that the boy in grade six who had felt when he started work on his model for his school’s science fair.Picture 65

New Book Available in Paperback Shortly

New Book Will Be Available in Paperback Shortly:
My new book, The Wild and Hilarious World of The Roswell Gang will be available in a paperback edition shortly. My sample copy arrived yesterday evening. My wife, Martha Peters, read my play last night. Both she and I were very surprised that she liked it. I didn’t think that she would like the kind of humour in the book, but she actually laughed out loud a few times while reading it.
Martha said that she liked the book and saw it’s potential.
I also can see the potential that the book has. Most people will find the book to be both funny and entertaining. It makes for a good reading experience if you would like to escape from reality for an hour or two. For example, if you had a rough day either at work or at school, reading this play just might cheer you up. I think that a lot of middle school and high school students would also find it highly entertaining. Both middle school and high school ELA and drama/theatre teachers might like to have their students act out The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang. Speaking as a retired teacher, I would definitely use this play(with some discretionary tweaks) with my class.
Check out the price. The Kindle version is now selling for only $1.12 as an introductory offer on Amazon. The paperback copy should also be released to the public shortly. The paperback edition also comes with a beautifully designed glossy cover.
My goal in publishing this book is to have people read it and to be greatly entertained.
Thank you for checking out my book and keep on reading!
Ken David Stewart