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Do You Trust Me?

Do You Trust Me?
This afternoon I heard God speaking to my heart (in other words I didn’t hear an audible voice), but I knew it was Him trying to get something important across to me and it was even meant for others to hear. That’s why I’m writing this blog post.
I was talking to my wife this morning and a paraphrase of the following message was given to me. I know that there are likely many of you who think it’s unlikely that God would use me as His communication tool. My answer to this is that God once spoke via a mule. Check out Numbers 22:28 in the Bible.
As I mentioned in a previous blog post I am presently up against a sizeable mountain in my own life. It reminds me of the Elvis Presley song, ‘You Gave Me a Mountain’.
In relation to my mountain God said, “What about it Ken? Do you trust Me to get you out of this mess and into a favorable place? Or more generally, do you trust Me with your life?”
In twelve step recovery groups they use Step Three which says, ‘Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand Him.” I’m glad that the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous added “as we understand him” to step three as I often do not understand God.
Taking Step Three is a huge step as it means that we are surrendering our control over a person or situation and are leaving the problem in God’s hands. This is where the rubber meets the road. We are putting total trust in God’s abilities and compassion toward us.
God always gives us a choice. He told me,” If you want to Ken, you can carry this burden yourself. I won’t try to stop you from worrying, losing sleep, getting all stressed out and all the other delightful joys of being your own boss. Like Frank Sinatra, you can say, “I did it my way.”
“Or, on the other hand you can leave your problems with me and trust Me for a favorable outcome.”
I choose the second option.
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The Spiritual Journey

Devotions With Ken David Stewart

The Spiritual Journey Devotions With Ken David Stewart:
I have found that once a person becomes saved, by accepting Jesus Christ by faith into their heart, they have another decision to make. They have to ask themselves the question, “Do we serve a ‘good God’ or a ‘bad God’?” There is and always has been a great deal of theology that teaches that God expects you to strictly adhere to an extensive list of rules and regulations. Interestingly enough, some of these rules and regulations vary depending upon which denomination you subscribe to. This theology basically teaches that if the believer does not obey the rules and regulations of that particular denomination they will be punished by God. They may not even need to do anything bad. God could put a sickness or disease upon them to teach them something. This is what I term the ‘bad God’ theology.
However, I choose to believe the ‘good God’ teaching. In this theology God loves you with an abundance of love that we cannot even understand. He does not ask you to live up to impossible standards. He does recognize sin but has taken care of this through the crucifixion of His Son, Jesus Christ. This does not mean that the believer is able to go out and sin as much as they want. God recognizes the laws of sowing and reaping. I also don’t believe that God puts any sicknesses or disease on us to teach us a lesson. Sickness and disease is from Satan and God’s will is to heal you when you are afflicted.Image6

What’s Up? June 20, 2013

What’s Up? June 20, 2013

I got up early this morning and listened to one of my audio books, Pro Blogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. These two guys have made a decent income from their blogging and blog related activities. Darren and Chris are definitely exceptions to the rule. Most bloggers don’t make any money from their blogging activities or at best, very little. However, there are always exceptions who make blogging work for them. Most of us just blog as a hobby.
After listening to a bit of Pro Blogger I wanted to listen to some music. I played selections from some old Beach Boys and Beatles albums. I was surprised at how good the newly re-mastered CDS by The Beatles sound.
After listening to some music I decided to write my first blog of the day. I have a WordPress blog called The Spiritual Journey. I haven’t written anything for it in a long time. I was doing some reading from a Bible promise book and got inspired to write a devotional for today’s blog. I may even put together a collection of my spiritual posts and make it into a devotional book.
I have had to put my exercise program on hold due to a recent Charlie horse injury. Today I decided to try going for a ride on my mountain bike. The ride went okay and I don’t feel any worse for wear. Tomorrow, I will busy working another sub teaching gig.
I got in a couple of practice sessions with my bass guitar this afternoon. As I haven’t practised guitar for a while my fingers will continue to hurt until some calluses are formed on my fingertips.
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Healing and Miracles

Healing and MiraclesImage2
For many years now I have believed in the reality of healing and miracles in the Christian faith. I admit that I have adopted a Charismatic, Pentecostal belief system. I have a great deal of faith and from my study of the Scriptures I have not found any convincing evidence that it is not God’s will to heal all the time. The major reason is God’s compassion. God loves us more than we can possibly know and because of this He doesn’t want to see His children either sick or in lack. He is a God of abundant good gifts.
Another reason is that we are to pray to experience life the same on earth as it is in Heaven. Is there Sickness or poverty in Heaven? Of course not! Then why would God want His children to believe anything different?
Have I seen God heal everyone in a prayer line instantaneously? No. Why? I don’t know. There could be many reasons. God cannot be put into a box or be forced to conform to any of our formulas or doctrines. When God heals someone immediately this is a miracle. For many of us God’s healing is a process and may take time, but He has not forgotten about us.

The Father’s Heart

The Father’s Heart

Some people know that at times in my life I have a strong desire to learn about the Bible and Christianity. For about ten years I only attended church sporadically and during some seasons not at all. For the most part this was because my working life was draining too much of my energy. I didn’t abandon studying the Bible during this period but became very disillusioned about the value of attending church. In November of 2012 I had a detached retina which required surgery. As I was told that I wouldn’t be able to do much physically after my surgery I decided to listen to a CD set of Todd Bentley’s teachings on the supernatural realm. For whatever reason listening to these CDS gave me a strong hunger for giving my spiritual life more time and attention. My interest in the spiritual part of my life has historically consisted of long dry periods with the occasional spiritual splurge that lasts for a few weeks before it fades out. This means that I have spent the majority of my time in the spiritual wilderness. This has often led to times of pessimism and depression.
I am happy to say that in 2013 I have once again started to attend church again with a more positive attitude. Also I have spent a considerable amount of time both reading the Bible and studying books that relate to topics such as healing and the prophetic. My wife and I have recently been listening to Todd Bentley’s revival telecasts via God TV. We have also established the practise of praying together on a more regular and frequent basis. This morning I attended a service at Winnipeg Center Vineyard and felt a very strong anointing. I also came to a last minute decision to attend The Father’s Heart School starting this evening. Although this will cost me some money I am believing for spiritual benefits that will far exceed the financial cost.

Lake Mariposa Part Twenty-Eight

Lloyd, Sasha and Rick all got themselves a coffee and a sandwich when they got to the hospital cafeteria.

Well, Rick you’ve sure had some excitement with us this weekend,” said Lloyd.

That’s for sure. I could do with a little less of an adrenaline buzz the next time I go camping with you guys,” said Rick.

I’m amazed that you would even consider going anywhere with us again,” said Sasha.

Ah, come on, you guys are already like a second family to me,” Rick said with a smile.

Lloyd was watching the clock in the cafeteria closely. When the forty-five minutes was up Lloyd told the others that it was time to get back to the waiting area of the emergency ward.

The group waited nervously for word from Dr. Pauls. After about ten minutes he arrived.

Fortunately, I’ve got good news for you. I think Misty is going to be all right. The results of the brain scan came back and nothing abnormal was found. This is a good indication that there won’t be any permanent damage from Misty’s head injury. She did, however, suffer a mild concussion so I would ask that you keep a close eye on her for the next few weeks,” the doctor reported.

Oh, praise God!” Lloyd said. Lloyd isn’t a Christian but these were the first words to come out of his mouth.

Praise Jesus!” said Sasha in a loud voice.

When can she go home?” asked Rick.

We’ll keep Misty under observation for the rest of the night and the morning but if she remains stable you should be able to pick her up at about two in the afternoon,” Dr. Pauls answered.

I better call Mom,” said Sasha. Sasha walked the short distance to the pay phone to call her mother.

Hi, Mom. I’ve got great news. Dr. Pauls said that Misty is probably going to be all right. He told us that the brain scan did not show any evidence of a permanent brain injury,” said Sasha excitedly.

Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!” said Sheila almost screaming into the phone. I’ll have to phone all the prayer warriors and thank them for their prayer’s for Misty’s healing.”