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Dieter Brock a Book Review by Ken David Stewart

Book Review of Dieter Brock, the Birmingham Rifle by Robert Allan Young, Reviewed by Ken David Stewart

This biography of Dieter Brock is long overdue.  When I heard about it.  I couldn’t wait to get a copy of it and to read it on my Kindle device.  The wait for this biography of Dieter Brock was well worth it.  The author writes about both the career and character of one of the greatest quarterbacks in CFL history.  During his years in the Canadian Football League, Dieter Brock was the starting quarterback for both the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Hamilton Tiger Cats.  Dieter was appropriately known as the Birmingham Rifle because he likely possessed the strongest throwing arm of any quarterback in professional football.

For anyone who followed the CFL football during the Dieter Brock era, Robert Allan Young’s biography is a must read.  For those who were serious football fans during this time, this book will bring back many memories.  Dieter Brock tried to renegotiate a shorter contract with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers so that he could finish his career in the United States.  His requests were rebuffed many times by the Blue Bomber management.  The only way out for Dieter was a trade to the Hamilton Tiger cats in exchange for their present quarterback, Tom Clements.

The result of Dieter’s trade to the Hamilton Tiger Cats resulted in a great deal of angst for many Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans.  A significant number of Winnipeg fans believed that Dieter Brock had betrayed them.  Robert Allan Young explores this divisive issue from Dieter Brock’s point of view.

The author continues to report the history of the Birmingham Rifle’s career, during his time as the quarterback of the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL.

In conclusion, Robert Allan Young’s book, Dieter Brock, the Birmingham Rifle is an excellent read from beginning to end.  It is a must for those CFL fans who want to know the true story of Dieter Brock, the quarterback and the man.

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New Book Available in Paperback Shortly

New Book Will Be Available in Paperback Shortly:
My new book, The Wild and Hilarious World of The Roswell Gang will be available in a paperback edition shortly. My sample copy arrived yesterday evening. My wife, Martha Peters, read my play last night. Both she and I were very surprised that she liked it. I didn’t think that she would like the kind of humour in the book, but she actually laughed out loud a few times while reading it.
Martha said that she liked the book and saw it’s potential.
I also can see the potential that the book has. Most people will find the book to be both funny and entertaining. It makes for a good reading experience if you would like to escape from reality for an hour or two. For example, if you had a rough day either at work or at school, reading this play just might cheer you up. I think that a lot of middle school and high school students would also find it highly entertaining. Both middle school and high school ELA and drama/theatre teachers might like to have their students act out The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang. Speaking as a retired teacher, I would definitely use this play(with some discretionary tweaks) with my class.
Check out the price. The Kindle version is now selling for only $1.12 as an introductory offer on Amazon. The paperback copy should also be released to the public shortly. The paperback edition also comes with a beautifully designed glossy cover.
My goal in publishing this book is to have people read it and to be greatly entertained.
Thank you for checking out my book and keep on reading!
Ken David Stewart

The Writing Process (Part Seven)

The Writing Process (Part Seven)
This weekend I have been receiving a lot of requests to review my peers’ writing on Figment. I’m starting to feel like the go to guy for story and book reviews. Most of the aspiring authors on Figment are young people. I am gratified to know how many youth are getting involved in the art and craft of writing. It is a pleasure to read and review their work and I am learning a great deal in the process.
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