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C. S. Lewis
I haven’t been feeling all that energetic lately. My physical energy appears to have declined in the last few years. This unfortunate situation does, however, have its upside. The positive part is that it has forced me to live more of the life of the mind seeking more intellectual and creative pursuits such as reading and writing.
In the last few years I have probably read more books and done more creative writing than at any time in my life except for my university years. I find these pursuits to be very pleasurable and fulfilling. I have always preferred the life of the mind and the imaginative and artistic side of my life as opposed to what others may term realism.
I have recently been reading an excellent new biography of C. S. Lewis by Alister McGrath. Through reading this book it appears that C. S. Lewis often felt the same way as I do. I also find it interesting that we both have Christian beliefs but tend to live these out in an unorthodox manner. We both have some admirers and some people who dismiss us. I find this very reassuring. As I have been reading this Lewis biography I have been challenged to reread some of his books and to read some of his work for the first time. This should keep my mind occupied for quite some time.2012-07-20 16-55-23.177