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The Weekend Warrior and Dave Mustaine

The Weekend Warrior

I’ve been doing a considerable amount of reading and writing this weekend. I have a very unorthodox writing routine. At present I am working on two stories at once. I have actually started a third as well. This weekend I’ve been feeling more “heat” form the first two of my stories. I use the term, “heat” to mean inspiration and urgency to write. In other words, The Muse seems to have arrived for the two stories and has indicated a desire to take an active part in my writing sessions.

My first story centers around a tragic accident that takes place at a rehabilitation facility. The second one involved a summer rock festival from the nineteen sixties.

When I take a break from my writing I will often stop to listen to an audiobook. Once again I listen to more than one at a time. Yesterday, I listened to Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir. I highly recommend this autobiography if you can tolerate Dave’s frequent use of the F bomb. Dave discusses in depth his relationship with his former band, Metallica. He also describes how he came to be a Christian and the choices he has had to make playing in a heavy metal band. Dave talks about the decisions he has had to make as to whether or not to play with “satanic” bands at rock festivals. Dave Mustaine does an excellent job of explaining how he deals with these situations.