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On Reading (Part Two)

On Reading (Part Two)

The next time that I recall reading books that were not on the required school curriculum was in grade ten. I had difficulty adjusting to high school. I especially struggled with the math and science courses. During this time I was also very involved with playing hockey and this ate into my study time. The fact was that in grade ten I pretty much felt like a fish out of water. I often didn’t have my math homework done because I didn’t understand algebra. Mind you, I could have asked my teacher for extra help but I didn’t avail myself of this service until grade twelve. As a consequence for not having my math home work done my math teacher would ask me to leave the room for the duration of math class.

As I didn’t particularly fancy standing outside the door and staring at the cement walls I would go to the school library. I liked it in the library because it was quiet and peaceful. To pass the time I would browse the book catalog. From just walking up and down the aisles of the library I would often find books that caught my attention. I recall picking out books about Jack the Ripper and an anthology of the stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. It is likely not a coincidence that when I became an adult I was drawn to books by Stephen King. I recall that I was very much a loner during my high school years and still am today. The escape to imaginary worlds offered by books helped me cope with my teenage loneliness and angst.