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Ken David Stewart Thanks His Friends, Followers and Fans

Thank You to Friends, Followers and Fans of Ken David Stewart’s Writing Blog
I would like to personally thank all of my readers who have taken the time to ‘like’ my posts and to make comments on them. There have been so many of you during the last few days that I will not be able to thank all of you individually. I just want you to know that I greatly appreciate your feedback and welcome your comments and questions about my writing.
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Fan Mail 2014

Fan Mail August 2014
Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to answering all my fan mail. Most of the fan mail came via comments and emails posted by my WordPress readers and followers. I don’t know if I’m a good writer or not but I really appreciate the support and feedback that I have received from my readers. If any of you have comments, questions or feedback on my fiction writing and non fiction blogs don’t hesitate to contact me via, facebook or twitter. I have dedicated my recent video blog, What’s Up? (Summer Edition) to all my family, followers, friends, readers and fans.
God bless you all!