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Chapter 108 of The Lake Demon

Chapter 108:
John had woken up during the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. He went downstairs to make himself a coffee. He would try to motivate himself to think up some ideas for a new novel that he planned to write.
John walked over to the coffee table to get his pack of Pall Mall cigarettes. Due to his low and unstable income John only bought the budget brand cigarettes. He knew that he should try to beat his tobacco addiction but he loved to smoke cigarettes when he was working on his writing. John sat in his red leather easy chair that was much the worse for wear. The leather upholstery was wearing out and there were cracks on the chair where some of the stuffing was starting to stick out. John didn’t let the condition of his chair worry him too much. After all he bought it for twenty dollars at a garage sale. He took a cigarette out of the pack and lit it up with his lighter, the one with the Harley Davidson logo. As John glanced at his lighter he thought about how much he would like to have his own Harley Davidson motorcycle. Right now John would have to settle for finding ads for Harleys in magazines. As he looked at these advertisements John would dream about riding his red custom built Harley along the highway. In his imagination he could feel the wind blowing through his long hair as he passed cars and trucks along the way.
John enjoyed a few minutes of his reverie until he could hear the sound of the coffee percolator. It was now time to face the real world. John didn’t like living in the real world that much. He was happiest when he was living in his own imagination and was sitting at his desk writing his novels. John wanted his next novel to about Ogopogo.
He was starting to envy the fact that his son, Ryan and his girlfriend, Monique would soon be going on an expedition to search for Ogopogo.

John Richards knew that this was his opportunity to make his dream come true. He often thought about having a close encounter with Ogopogo and proving the creature’s existence once and for all. Heck, if he could gain access to a camcorder he would love to make an amazing video of the creature at close proximity.
John was rather shy and introverted and had never had too many friends due to his being painfully shy. He was also very much a lone wolf by nature. One of the reasons that John chose writing as a career was that he liked to work alone, without a supervisor looking over his shoulder.
This time he knew that he would have to step out of his comfort zone. He needed to be part of the expedition. John especially hated having to call people up and ask for their help. He knew that he would need to just bite the bullet and phone Dean Sanderson.

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Garage Sales

Garage Sales
It’s been several years since I’ve been interested in garage sales. This weekend, however, I visited a couple of garage sales with my wife and granddaughter. You never know what little treasure you might find at a garage sale. Our granddaughter found a toy train and a teddy bear that she liked. Grandpa found an extra large dinosaur and a stuffed sheep dog toy. When I was a little boy I used to collect the plastic dinosaurs that came with cereal boxes. A long time ago I used to have a real sheep dog. When we got back to Grandpa and Grandma’s house it was time to play with our new toys.