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Episode 6 of The Fall and Rise of Harold Peyton

Episode 6:

“I would love to have a hot chocolate, Sir. What’s your name?” Whisper asked.

“My word, where did all my manners go? With all the excitement going on, I failed to recall that I haven’t as yet told you my name. It’s Harold, Harold Peyton.”

“Could I ask a big favour of you. Mr. Peyton?” Whisper asked sheepishly.

“Oh, you don’t have to call me Mr. Peyton. I’d like it very much if you just called me Harold. What would you like me to do as a favour to you?”

“I would like to take a shower and get myself cleaned up,” Whisper asked as her face reddened with embarrassment. “But I would like to drink my hot chocolate first if you don’t mind.”

“Of course you can my dear,” Harold answered.

Harold wondered why he had called Whisper my dear. After all he didn’t even know this girl yet.

“Did you bring a clean change of clothes to put on after you wash up?”

“Yes, I have some clean clothes in my duffle bag,” Whisper replied.

“I just asked in case you didn’t have a fresh change of clothes with you. I still have all my daughter’s clothes in a closet in her bedroom. You appear to be about the same size as she was and her clothes would probably fit you. Harold’s countenance suddenly looked very pained.

“You said ‘was’ Harold. What happened to your daughter?”

“Today is the first anniversary of Erica’s passing. While getting a ride home from a party her friend’s car had a head on collision. The driver of the other car was inebriated. Erica’s friend suffered severe injuries but survived. Unfortunately, my daughter did not survive the accident. As soon as he finished saying this, Harold Peyton sobbed loudly and his body began to shake uncontrollably.images 17

Episode 10 of Chaos by Ken David Stewart

Episode 10:

“You have a very nice home, Roger. It’s a little cluttered and could use some cleaning, but, then again, this house is quite small,” Glenda said. “I noticed that you have four bookshelves and possibly a couple of hundred books.”

“Actually, I have a lot more book    than that. My eyesight is not as good as it used to be so I now purchase all my books in the Kindle format. That way I can adjust the fonts and the brightness levels so that reading the text is comfortable for me,” Roger explained.

“You certainly are a well read man.”

“For sure. I’ve been that way since I was a kid. I also like listening to audiobooks when my eyes need a break.”

“You are right though. This house is a bit too small, but it was even more cramped when my wife was still alive. We accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. I still haven’t given away much of Beatrice’s belongings. I get too emotional when I’m around her stuff.”

“I’m sorry to hear that your wife passed away. How long has it been now?”

“Over a year.”

“Are you over your grief now?” Glenda asked moving a little closer to the front of the couch. Roger was a little uncomfortable with how Glenda made him feel. He wished that less of her skin was exposed. As much as he hated to admit it to himself, Roger did find this strange young woman in his house to be somewhat attractive. It couldn’t be a sexual attraction. That was ludicrous. After all, Roger was sixty-five years old and this girl was only twenty-two. He was not a dirty old man. Roger had not even been sexually active with Beatrice during her last few years as she was too exhausted from her cancer treatments to have sexual relations with him. There was something else going on.

“Are you still grieving, Roger?” Glenda asked.

“Yes, it’s getting better with time, but at certain times of the day I still get very sad and will start weeping. Sometimes an old song that we both loved will be playing on the internet radio. That will have the same effect upon me. Beatrice and I had a very happy marriage. I can’t say that we did a lot of exciting things together. We didn’t do much travelling as we didn’t have much money. Beatrice was not healthy enough to work so we mostly relied upon my income. As we both liked our creature comforts and I have several hobbies we ran up a lot of debt. I had to take out a second mortgage on this house. This caused a great deal of stress in our lives, but we both enjoyed each other’s company in a quiet sort of way.”images 14

Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine:

After Roland and Natasha finished telling Ryan and his friends their Ogopogo story it was time for the couple to leave. They had a dinner date scheduled at Natasha’s parents place that evening.
“Do you believe their story?” asked Ian.
“I think they’re telling the truth. I noticed that Natasha turned pale and her hands started to tremble when Roland told the story,” answered Ryan.
“Yeah, the chick was scared out of her wits, probably traumatized by the experience,” offered Jasmine.
“I have some exciting news for you guys,” said Ryan.” I was just talking to Professor Phelge and-”
“Did you call him on your cell phone when you were in the bathroom?” asked Keisha.
Ryan laughed. No, he’s here on the other side of the pub. I had a chance to talk to him for about fifteen minutes and pitched our research project to him.”
“Man, you have guts, Kyle,” said Brendon.
“Yes, you are the man,” Brendon agreed.
“That’s why he’s the first string quarterback on the football team,” said Keesha.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence guys. Now let’s get serious. It turns out that Dr. Phelge is starting a one year sabbatical today,” said Kyle.
“That’s really fortunate for him especially if it’s his performance review year,” added Ian.
“Yeah, the old guy hasn’t been himself since his wife passed away,” said Keesha.
“Are you taking any of his classes this year?” asked Jasmine.

“Yes, I’m taking a second year marine biology class with him. Last year I took his introductory course. You wouldn’t believe the difference in him from last year to this year,” said Keesha.

“Yeah, I’m in the same class with Keesha. Professor Phelge has definitely lost his spark. Last year he taught intro biology like a man possessed. He had such energy and passion for his subject. And this year the fire has gone out. He teaches like he’s in a daze most of the time. It’s as if he can’t wait for the class to be over,” said Ian.
“It sounds like he’s depressed. He’s probably still grieving the loss of his wife,” said Jasmine.

“So, how is the professor going to be of any use to us in the state that he’s in?” asked Brendon.
“When I first sat down with Dr. Phelge he did seem sad and preoccupied, but when I started telling him about our research project, he perked right up,” answered Kyle.
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Twenty- Four:

Dr. Lionel Phelge had just got out of bed on a Thursday morning. As usual he was feeling groggy due to drinking a couple of shots of Southern Comfort along with taking the zopiclone medication that his doctor had prescribed to help Lionel sleep as he went through his grieving process over his loss of Edith.
For the first half hour upon awakening Lionel felt like he was trying to navigate a ship through some heavy fog. In a robot like fashion Lionel got the coffee maker set up and poured himself a large glass of water. It was time for Lionel to take his morning medications. The older that Lionel got the more meds got added to his list. He took Proscar for his enlarged prostate. He had an uncle who died from prostate cancer. He also took enalapril and a water pill for his high blood pressure. For the painful arthritis in both his knees and his back, the professor took Tylenol 3 three times daily.
He was also prescribed a cocktail of antidepressants by his psychiatrist. These included cymbalta, prozac and amitryptiline. The amitryptiline also helped with his back pain and his trouble falling asleep at night. As Lionel did not respond as well as expected by his current regimen of antidepressants, his psychiatrist added the anti -psychotic med, Abilify as an adjunct. Likely due to the large number of pills that Lionel took he found himself feeling excessively sleepy during the day time. A few months ago he went for a sleep study at the hospital. Lionel’s sleep was monitored all night while he was hooked up with electrodes. During the next day he was asked to take short naps every hour to check for other possible sleep disorders.
Approximately, a week after the sleep study Lionel had another appointment to meet with a sleep disorder specialist. The sleep doctor informed Lionel that he definitely had the condition known as sleep apnea. This was to be expected as Lionel was about eighty pounds overweight. The doctor also told Lionel that the daytime sleep study showed inconclusive results but that she could not rule out the possibility of narcolepsy. The appropriate treatment plan that the doctor selected was that Lionel use a CPAP machine when he went to bed at night. She also prescribed the stimulant medication Ritalin for use during Lionel’s waking hours. Lionel now had so many medications to take that he put all his medications in a little blue travel bag.
After Lionel Phelge had taken his morning medications, he went to his kitchen to make himself some toast. After the toast popped his coffee was ready to pour. Lionel took a knife out of the drawer and spread marmalade on his two pieces of toast. He then walked the short distance to his easy chair in the living room. As well as being a voracious reader, Lionel was an avid fan of audiobooks. He was sixty years old now and found that his eyes became tired after about a half hour of reading. To satisfy his hunger for reading material that would not over work his eyes, Lionel discovered audiobooks. He found that he could add at least an hour or two more reading to his daily routine if he listened to audio books. He was presently listening to the audiobook version of The Two Towers from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Lionel had just finished packing his pipe with Borkum Riff tobacco when the phone rang. Lionel picked up the receiver.
“Hello, could I speak to Lionel Phelge?” asked the caller.
“Sir, this is Rick Jennings, the supervisor at The House of Hope Community Rehabilitation Center. Your son, Garry went missing yesterday evening. Is he, by any chance with you?”
“No, I haven’t seen or heard from Garry in about a year. The last time I talked to him on the phone was when I told him that his mother had cancer. I’ve haven’t heard from him since,” answered Lionel.
“I’m sorry to hear that sir, but if he happens to call you or drops in at your home could you let us know? We’ve already reported Garry to the police as a vulnerable missing person.”
“I certainly will, Mr. Jennings. I have your phone number on a business card. You’ve now got me very concerned,” said Lionel.
Lionel sat down and lit up his pipe. He made the circling motion with his fingers as he held the match to the tobacco. He had to admit that he hadn’t given his son, Garry, much thought during the last few months. Garry has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been residing at The House of Hope for about a year now. Lionel had tried to contact Garry with the news of his mother’s passing. Lionel left a phone message for Garry at The House of Hope, but Garry had not returned his father’s phone call. As Lionel puffed on his pipe he now realized that he had more things to think about than just coming up with a sabbatical research project for Dean Sanderson.
lake monster

Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen:

“Your input on this project would mean the world to us, “said Kyle.
“Who’s us?” asked Dr. Phelge.
“Oh, I already have a few friends who want to get in on this expedition of discovery. They’re in the pub right now. Would you like to meet them?’
“Some other time, Kyle. I would like to spend the rest of my first day of my sabbatical leave on vacation. Tomorrow morning I’ll give your proposition some serious thought. Why don’t you call me in a few days and I’ll tell you what I’ve come up with? And here’s my business card. It also has my home phone number on it.”

”Thank you, sir. I’ll leave you alone to relax now,” said Kyle.
Lionel Phelge finished off his beer, walked out of the university’s pub and walked across the street to the bus stop. His apartment was not very far from the university so he usually took the bus to work. Lionel didn’t want to pay the monthly parking rates charged by the university.
Life had changed drastically for the professor after the passing of his wife Edith. Within the fist month of her death Lionel figured out that he could not live in their family home any longer. The old house just had too many memories of his deceased wife and the wonderful life they once had. He knew that he would have to learn how to survive on his own and he thought that a fresh start in a new place would be the best thing to do.

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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen:

After he left the dean’s office Lionel said good bye to the dean’s secretary, Marjorie. He decided that he would head over to the university’s pub to think about a research project.

Kyle, Brendon, Jasmine, Ian and Keesha were sitting at their usual table at the University of British Columbia’s pub. They are all university students taking a break from their classes. They were all good friends and had established a routine of meeting in the afternoon when everyone’s last class of the day was finished. Jasmine and Ian both had an evening class that started at seven PM but they had decided that a couple of drinks wouldn’t interfere with their learning.
Brendon was reading a copy of the university’s paper. The university’s pub was painted a light blue color and along with the dark lighting added to the ambience of the students’ favorite watering hole.
“Man, these stories are lame. I’m bored out of my mind reading this rag,” said Brendon reaching for his glass of Bud Light. With his other hand he tossed the latest edition of the university’s paper across the large round table.
“Yeah, it’s a waste of paper and a waste of our student union fees,” said Jasmine.
The problem is their reporters. They can’t seem to come up with any interesting articles for the paper,” added Keesha.
“Yeah, they could really use a really sizzling story for their next issue,” said Ian.
“They allow students to submit stories to the paper, don’t they?” asked Jasmine moving her chair closer to the table.
“Why don’t we submit a story?” asked Kyle leaning back on his chair.
“On what topic?” asked Brendon.
“It would have to be a high interest story,” said Keesha brushing a strand of her auburn hair out of her eyes.
“Well, what is British Columbia the most famous for? “asked Kyle.
“Probably the Vancouver Canucks,” said Ian.
“No, probably the Rockies,” said Jasmine.
“You’re both wrong,” said Kyle. “It’s the lake monster in Lake Okanagan.”
“You mean Ogopogo?” asked Brendon.
“What else?” Kyle answered.
“You guys don’t really believe Ogopogo exists, do you?” asked Keesha taking a sip from her grasshopper cocktail.
“Well, lots of people claim to have seen it,” said Ian.
“Kyle’s got a great idea,” said Brendon. “All we’d need to do is go on the internet and do some research. There’s got to be plenty written about Ogopogo and maybe some photos and videos.”
“I believe there’s at least two documentaries on the lake monster of Lake Okanagan,” said Keesha.
“If I remember correctly I think that Arlene Gaal has written a few books on Ogopogo,” offered Ian.
“Yeah, we could go to the library and look up sites like Wikipedia, Discovery Channel, the History Channel and maybe Animal Planet,” said Ian.

“That’s not totally what I have in mind,” said Kyle. My idea is for an actual monster hunt, a real expedition. Then we do our own documentary about our hunt for Ogopogo. That way we’ll not only get a fantastic article for the university paper, we’ll also make a documentary video that just might help pay down our student loans. Anyone interested?”
“We would also have gathered the material for a book or two on our expedition,” added Jasmine.
“Where would we get the money for an expedition? The equipment alone would probably cost thousands of dollars,” asked Brendon.
“We have plenty of options. For example, the university itself could help fund the project. And we could always look for money from private benefactors,” answered Kyle.
“Man, we will need a lot of funding,” said Ian. We’ll want professional divers, photographers, boats. We’d need to make a list of all the equipment and the specialized personnel we’d need to pull this off,” said Ian excitedly.
“I think I’m hearing some interest here, guys,” said Kyle as a smile crossed his face.
“Let’s think about the university first,” said Keesha. Which department and what faculty would most likely be interested in a project like this?”
“That’s a no brainer. Professor Phelge from the Biology Department,” answered Jasmine. He’s the faculty member the media contact every time there’s a reported sighting of Sasquatch or Ogopogo.”
“That’s right,” Ian said, nodding his head in agreement. “Dr. Phelge is always telling his students about how the subject of cryptozoology interests him.”
“Yeah, but have you seen Professor Phelge lately? He’s in pretty rough shape, “said Brendon.
“It’s rumoured that he’s still pretty messed up about his wife’s death,” added Jasmine.
“A project like this might be just the thing to get the professor’s mind off his personal troubles,” said Kyle feeling the call of nature and getting up to head for the men’s washroom.

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