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The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 34

When Drake went to see his doctor he did not get a clear bill of health. His doctor told Drake that he had a form of mononucleosis that could lie dormant for awhile but cause later flare ups. He could not guarantee Drake that he would ever get his premorbid energy level back. The doctor suggested that Drake seriously consider a less challenging occupation that would not excessively tax his energy level.
“What am I going to do?” asked Drake. “I have been a teacher for most of my adult life and I have a family to support.”
“I know that this is not what you wanted to hear Drake, but I’m obligated to give you my best professional assessment and recommendation. I’ll tell you what I can do for you. I know an industrial psychologist that counsels people in your situation all the time. This guy is good and I know he gets results. I have already referred a few of my patients to him. You will likely be able to keep your health insurance for a few months yet so seeing the psychologist shouldn’t cost you anything.”
Drake knew that he could trust his doctor and that he would only refer him to another professional who is very competent in their field of expertise. When Drake returned home he reported the details of his doctor’s appointment with his wife, Judy. Drake was very emotional and started to weep when he told Judy that he shouldn’t return to full time teaching. He also told her about the referral to the industrial psychologist.
“ I know it doesn’t feel that way but I think that this will work out for the best, Drake. You’ve been working much too hard and you no longer have the stamina that you had before you got sick with mono. Your principal and your doctor both care about you and want what’s best for you, and so do I. To tell you the truth I was very concerned about your return to teaching but I didn’t want to discourage you. I think that you should definitely make an appointment with the psychologist that your doctor recommended. You are a very talented man, Drake, and I’m sure that the psychologist will show you many other career options that you can pursue,” said Judy.
“I’m sure blessed to have you for a wife, Judy. Most wives in your position would tell their husbands just to tough it out and go back to teaching,” said Drake as he moved towards Judy to give her a hug.

The Cover Up Novel by Ken David Stewart Part 32

“Well the good news Mr. Stephens is that mononucleosis will not kill you and the sore throat, high fever and coughing will likely end in a few days. The bad news is that your symptom of extreme fatigue could last up until one year from now.”
By Wednesday of that week most of Drake’s symptoms had resolved. He thought that he was feeling much better until he tried putting on his pants from a standing position. He felt very faint and almost toppled over to one side.
“This is not good,” thought Drake. “I can’t have this happening when I’m at work.”
Drake thought that having a bowl of Frosty Flakes cereal might give him some much needed energy. Maybe, he felt faint because he had not eaten much when he was feeling so ill over the weekend, Drake thought to himself.
A bowl of cereal followed by a coffee and a cigarette and I should be good to go.
As Drake got into his car he once again felt a twinge of weakness but this passed in a few seconds.
You’ve got to relax. There’s only seven weeks left in the school year anyway and you still have about ten sick days left.
When Drake got to the staff room a couple of his fellow teachers asked if he had been sick.
“Just a bad flu,” answered Drake.
“You take care, buddy. Only seven weeks to go,” said Mason Wells, the grade five teacher.
“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be all right,” Drake replied.
Drake made it until morning recess okay, but he played it safe. He had his kids mostly work on seat work so that he wouldn’t have to stand up for long for more than a few minutes. As his last student left for recess Drake started walking down the hall on his way to the staff room. Drake made it about ten feet before he saw a blaze of flourescent light and passed out. He was vaguely aware that a female teacher stood over him and yelled, “Quick, Karen, go get the principal!”
A couple of minutes later Drake could here his principal, Bob Hanes asking him if he could hear him. All Drake could do at that point was to moan. Bob said, “Shannon, call 911. We’re not going to try to move Drake until the paramedics give their okay.”

The Cover Up Novel By Ken David Stewart Part 31

Reggie with his oral reading. Drake gave Russel a short run down on Reggie’s background and then gave Russel some suggestions as how to work with the boy. Russell felt good that Mr. Stephens had placed enough confidence in him that he would be allowed to work with one of his students on his first day on the job. Within a few weeks Russell Trane had more self confidence than he had ever had in his life. He went on to become a great asset to Drake and his students. Just having another competent pair of hands in his classroom took an enormous amount of stress off Drake. Having Russell’s help and support made a very difficult job manageable.
Things changed for Drake Stephens at the end of April of that year. Drake’s principal called Drake in to deliver the bad news. The government grant for Russell Trane had run out. The government had decided that they were not going to extend it for the remainder of the school year. This meant that for May and June of that year Drake Stephens would be on his own with his classroom of very needy students.
Shortly after Drake lost the services of Russell he found that he was becoming very easily fatigued. At times he would feel faint while he was standing up delivering a lesson to the whole class. On one occasion he had to grip his desk firmly to avoid collapsing. That weekend Drake became very ill. He developed a very high fever and his throat felt like someone was sharpening knives on it. This was followed by heavy bouts of coughing.
On Sunday, Drake’s wife, Judy told Drake that he should see a doctor right away.
Drake checked the phone book for walk-in clinics that were open on Sunday. He found one located on Pembina Highway and drove down to the clinic. When Drake was called in to be seen by the young doctor he had no way of knowing that this young man would become his family physician for the next twenty-five years. The doctor asked Drake about his presenting symptoms and then felt Drake’s glands. Drake’s glands were very swollen. Along with the high fever, coughing and extreme fatigue the doctor knew that a diagnosis of mononucleosis was very likely in the case of his new patient. Fortunately the doctor had a small lab right on the premises so that he could order a blood test. In about five minutes the result of Drake’s blood test came back. Drake’s test was positive for mononucleosis.
For the next few minutes the doctor explained to Drake what mononucleosis is and what his likely prognosis would be.
“Well the good news Mr. Stephens is that mononucleosis will not kill you and the sore throat, high fever and coughing will likely end in a few days. The bad news is that your symptom of extreme fatigue could last up until one year from now.”