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Its Official. I’m a Published Author!

It’s Official. I’m a Published Author!
This morning I got up and was soon checking my email. I was very happy to get a message from Kindle Direct Publishing informing me that one of my books, The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang is now available for purchase on Amazon.
I am aware that I have posted excerpts from this book on my own web sites on many occasions over the years and have received a positive response in terms of numbers of hits on my blogs. The problem was that it was difficult to find a complete and up to date version of the play. I have made several revisions to it over the years and it had never been available in a complete updated and polished format. Today, that has changed as the play has a new name as well as having a new cover, professional formatting and a new title.
My newly published book has undergone numerous revisions over the years and had been given several different titles such as Roswell1947, a Play and Roswell Revisited.
Today, the complete and updated official authorized version of the play is available for purchase in the Kindle format on Amazon. Its new title is The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang (Volume 1).
This play was written in a serialized manner over a period of several years. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this play and often found myself laughing out loud while reading over what I had written. When it came time to get it ready for publication I had a lot of work to do. First, I had to find all the bits and pieces of the play. The next job was to organize, edit and revise The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang (Volume 1). It was truly a labor of love.
The real purpose of the play is simply to entertain people and give them a good laugh and hopefully, a temporary escape from the stress in their own lives. The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang (Volume 1) will appeal to people who like to think out of the box and have the capacity and willingness to suspend disbelief. The book is a collage of many different genres such as comedy, science fiction, historical fiction and fantasy and is even a bit scary in places. Some words that I would use to describe it are bizarre and surreal. The events in the play are very loosely based on the legend of what happened during the summer of July, 1947 in and around Roswell, New Mexico.
I do hope that you buy my book for the price of $1.12 in the Amazon Book Store. I would also greatly appreciate any ratings and reviews that you could give for The Wild and Hilarious World of the Roswell Gang (Volume1)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Ken David Stewart
Purchased Copy of Roswell Play Cover

Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 9)

Act Two Scene Five:

Narrator: After a long bumpy ride the Army truck stops in front of the Roswell Hospital. Private Enns unlocks the doors of the truck and helps Mick out of the back.

Mick: What you guys doing to me?

General Kane: Shut up Russell. Private Enns, I’ll take the surviving
alien into the hospital. You bring Russell in. We”ll get some of the orderlies to carry in the bodies of the dead aliens.

Narrator: Mick turns around and sees the living alien getting hooked up to an oxygen tank.

Mick: What the heck is that?! Am I in some kind of Stephen King novel?

Narrator: General Kane pushes through the hospital doors while bringing the surviving alien inside. Pvt. Enns is right behind him with Mick in handcuffs.

General Kane: Nurse! Give Mr. Russell, here a shot of grade A horse tranquilizer. He’s having a real bad day and I want him to take a nap. And call some orderlies for me. I need them to unload some bodies from our army truck.

Nurse Carrie: Right away, General!

Narrator Nurse Carrie calls for some orderlies over the intercom. As the orderlies arrive Nurse Carrie gives them their instructions. She tells Mick to lower his trousers and gives him a shot in the backside.

In a few seconds Mick slumps to the floor. Two orderlies lift Mick onto a stretcher.

General Kane: Orderlies, stick this man in a storage room. After I take care of business here I’m taking him back to the Air Force Base for interrogation.

Narrator: While all the commotion is going on in the reception room Dr. Zorba passes by and sees the living alien slumped in a chair taking deep breaths from his oxygen mask.

Dr. Zorba: Nurse, bring this man into the operating room
immediately. I’ll have to work fast to save his life.

Narrator: Nurse Carrie and an orderly help put the alien on a table in the operating room.

Dr. Zorba: This is bizarre. I can hear this creature’s voice in my head but he’s not speaking audibly.

Nurse Carrie: What’s he telling you doctor?

Dr. Zorba: The creature says that he is very frightened and that he doesn’t want to die. He’s telling me the exact medicine he needs to restore him to health. He says that his name is Commander Zig and that he comes from a planet millions of light-years from our solar system.

Nurse Carrie: He’s trying to communicate with me too. He says that
the last thing he remembers is colliding with another spacecraft. He says that he means us no harm.

Narrator: General Kane rushes into the operating room.

Commander Zig (communicating telepathically) Doctor, this man frightens me.

General Kane: Well, what’s the verdict Doc? Can you save this thing or not?

Dr. Zorba: Well, first of all, General he’s not a thing. He’s a highly evolved intelligent being from another universe. He says he means us no harm. In fact, he is very afraid of you.

General Kane: You didn’t answer my question. Will he live?

Dr. Zorba: Yes, he was just explaining to me what treatment he needs when you came barging into the operating room.

General Kane: Are you telling me that the alien can speak English?

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Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 7)

Act II Scene Two:

Narrator: After Mick Russell leaves the sheriff’s office he is feeling a little thirsty. He decides to stop in at Dusty’s Tavern. He carries his bag in with him.

Dusty the Bartender: Howdy, Mick. What you got there in the bag?

Narrator: As Mick is about to open his bag and spill the contents on the barroom counter, he turns to see Lloyd the Barber sitting beside him.

Mick: Hey, aren’t you Lloyd the Barber from the Andy Griffin

Lloyd: The one and only. Let’s see what you got there in the bag,

Narrator: Mick dumps the contents of the bag on the table.

Mick: Hey Lloyd, how are Aunt Bea and Obie doing?

Lloyd: Look man, this is the way it is. There is no Obie and there is no Aunt Bea. It’s just a TV show. It’s not real, man.

Mick: I know that. You think I’m stupid or something?

Lloyd: Ah, I’m just messing with you, man. Why don’t you show us what’s in your bag and I’ll buy you a beer.

Mick: Well for a free beer I guess I can empty my bag and tell you
where I found this stuff.

Narrator: Mick empties the bag of metallic material on the barroom table.

Floyd: Wow! Look at this stuff. Is this stuff weird or what?

Mick: Just watch this.

Narrator: Mick roles a piece of the metal up into a ball. It rolls out perfectly straight.

Dusty: Wow, I’ve never seen metal do that before.

Mick: That’s nothing! Watch this. Dusty, lend me your hammer.

Narrator: Mick hits the metal with the hammer as hard as he can. There isn’t a mark left on the metal.

Dusty: Where you get this metal, Mick?

Mick: I found this stuff scattered all over my ranch this morning.

Lloyd: Buddy, you really got yourself something there. For all we know it could be pieces of a crashed flying saucer we’ve all been hearing about. My advice to you is to take your bag of weird metal right down to the radio station and tell them your story right now!

Mick: You think that’s a good idea, Lloyd?

Lloyd: You bet it’s a good idea. From what I hear there’s a big reward
for anyone who has evidence of a real flying saucer.

Mick: Then I’m off to the radio station. Thanks for the tip, Lloyd. Say hi to Obie and Aunt Bee for me.

Narrator: Mick quickly puts the metal pieces back in the bag and
almost runs to the Roswell radio station.

Roswell Book Cover 8

Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 6)

Act Two Scene One:

Narrator: About 30 miles northwest of Corona New Mexico an archeology professor and his students are out in the desert looking for dinosaur bones.

Michael: Professor, some harsh light is reflecting right in my eyes.

Prof. Stone: It’s probably coming from that silver object embedded in the hill about 50 yards away.

Robert: Can we go see what it is, sir?

Prof. Stone: Of course. From here it looks like some kind of aircraft that’s crashed. Let’s check if any passengers are injured.

Narrator: The professor and his young charges jog out to the hill.

Chris: Wow, what a weird looking aircraft. It’s shaped like a triangle.

Howie: This is getting too creepy for me, man. Let’s get out of here.

Professor Stone: Not until we check for injured passengers. Howie, if you ever expect to make it as an archaeologist you can’t keep

wimping out like this.

Howie: Sorry sir, I forgot all about my civic duty.

Prof. Stone: It’s okay son. We all have our weak moments.

Michael: Over here guys. Check out what’s on the other side of this craft.

Chris: I don’t believe it. There’s two little men in silver suits just outside the craft.

Prof. Stone: I’m not so sure they’re human. Look at their large heads and tiny bodies.

Howard: Whatever they are, they’re not doing too good right now. I
can’t get a pulse on either one of these guys.

Michael: We probably can’t help those two, but let’s see if there’s anyone inside the craft who’s still alive.

Narrator: Robert pries open the door of the cockpit with a crowbar. When he looks inside he sees two little creatures slumped into their seats. Chris gives one of the strange creatures in the silver suit a shake.

Chris: This little guy is as dead as the two outside the spacecraft.

Howie: Not this one though. Look his arm is trembling.

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The Writing Process (Part Four)

The Writing Process (Part Four)
Most if not all people are born with the desire to create. I believe that all young children cannot help but have the desire to create something that began in their imagination. Just watch a child open a box of Lego and you”ll see what I mean.
Creativity is usually thought of as being solely related to the fine arts. When somebody says that someone they know is creative they will talk about their friend’s drawings, paintings, song writing, poetry, plays, novels, videos etc.
The fact is that this is too limited a definition of creativity. A person who knows how to repair household appliances or how to fix cars will always amaze me. We often don’t realize that people working in the trades frequently have to come up with creative solutions to problems related to their work. People who are entrepreneurs are often gifted with creativity in coming up with new and novel business ideas. Although writing is an excellent way to express oneself, we writers are not the only humans living on this earth who are gifted with creativity.
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Chapter 27 of Roswell Revisited by Ken David Stewart

Hoss: Because this Mick Russell is the guy who stole our truck.

Harvey: Where is Mick now? He’s got the keys to our truck.

Dwight: Who knows? The same two Air Force guys kidnapped him again while he was on the air for the second time today.

Rick: Yeah, twice in one day. That boy is having a real bad day.

Dwight: You think Mick’s having a bad day? Poor baby. How about us? Our radio station has been trashed twice today.

Hosss: So where do you think the Air Force guys took Mick?

Rick: Well, there are two possibilities. One is that they took him back to the Air Force Base for questioning. The other is they took him out to the desert to shoot him.

Dwight: Rick, The Air Force wouldn’t take Mick out into the desert to shoot him. Heaven forbid!

Rick: Have you ever heard about Hiroshima, Dwight?

Dwight: Oh, yeah. I hear what you’re saying now.

Rick: That’s the reason that I’m the lead broadcaster and you’re my assistant.

Dwight: I didn’t know that. I always thought it was because you married the owner’s daughter.

Harvey: Come on, Hoss. We’ve got to get the keys to the truck back.
We’ll go to the Air Force Base first. If Mick’s not there then we’ll search the desert for him.

Hoss: One problem, Harv. How do we get out to the desert?

Harvey: We”ll go to the compound and get your car.

Hoss: But what if our supervisor recognizes us?

Dwight: Look you guys, there’s some cartoon character costumes in our storage room. Feel free to use them as disguises.

Narrator: Hoss dresses up as Elmer Fudd and Harvey dons the Yosemite Sam costume. As Harvey and Hoss leave the radio station Rick and Dwight are laughing so hard that tears are running down their cheeks.
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Chapter 26 of Roswell Revisited, A Novel

Jim: Man, that mask is cool! When’s your next match?

Steve: I’m the Mauler’s manager. We’re out here scouting for a new territory for the Mauler to wrestle in. He’s barred from all our old territories because he has a nasty habit of hanging promoters over the

bridges of local rivers. Mauler gets really upset when promoters don’t book him in the main event. I’m going to register Harry for some anger management classes in the fall. Hey, Jim, do you know of any wrestling promoters out in these parts?

Jim: Yeah I do, General Kane. He’s the guy I’m running this errand for. He says that these wrestling cards are good for the troop’s morale. I’ll tell you what. You buys boys ride back with me to Roswell after I finish this errand. The General might be interested in booking the Masked Mauler. He likes to book wrestlers with lots of attitude.

Steve: Gee, Thanks Jim. We could sure use the work.

Jim: One thing I should warn you about. General Kane doesn’t believe that wrestling is fake. He wants to see plenty of blood and pile drivers done right on the cement floor outside the ring.

Harry: Well the General has nothing to worry about. I’ll give him all the blood, guts and pile drivers he wants. Good to know that some people up there know the truth. Wrestling is not fake!

Narrator: Harvey and Hoss, the two dogcatcher start walking back do and in about thirty minutes make it back into the downtown area of Roswell.

Harvey: Look, Hoss. There’s our truck parked outside the radio station. I bet the yahoo that stole it is inside the radio station right now.

Narrator: Harvey grabs a large piece of wood and uses it as a battering ram against the rebuilt radio station door. The two dog catchers fall over and roll onto the carpet of the radio station.

Rick: Hey you goofs! Have you ever heard of doorknobs and turning the handle first?

Dwight: Rick, look at our station! Now we have splinters of wood to go with all of this broken glass. Everybody who comes to the station is tries to destroy the place.

Harvey: Don’t get your shirt in a knot Dwight. Just send the repair
bills over to City Hall. The City of Roswell will reimburse you for all the damage.

Hoss: Yeah, we’re dog catchers here on official city business. Some guy stole our truck. He’s got to be in here.

Harvey: Right, we were trying to take the guy to the hospital and he repays us by stealing our truck.

Rick: Well, he’s not here now.

Dwight: A few minutes ago we had our special guest Mick Russell on the air. He just starting telling our listeners about how he was kidnapped by the Air Force and thrown in the back of a truck with a bunch of dead aliens.

Harvey: Did he say that he got a shot of horse tranquilizer in the butt while he was at the hospital?

Rick: How did you know?

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