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Episode Three of the Life and Times of Keith Ross a Novel by Ken David Stewart

Episode Three

This morning Keith Ross was hoping that listening to Creflo Dollar’s message would help to improve his mood and provide him with some inspiration. He did attend a local church occasionally. but preferred to stay at home and watch services via the internet.

Keith had many TV preachers that he watched including Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, Patricia King, Jim Richards and Todd Bentley. Many years ago he got introduced to the Charismatic stream of Christian theology through the influence of one of his old girlfriends.


He preferred to believe in a positive, motivating theology. He knew that there were more conservative feel theologies out there, but over the years he had become very disenchanted with them. Keith’s father had been a Baptist preacher who taught a very conservative view of the Bible and the Christian life. Keith had always thought that there had to be more to Christianity than this and his former girlfriend had shown him that that he could go much deeper in his relationship with God.


Keith wanted to believe that God loved him and wanted him to be blessed with good health and financial prosperity. He did not want to get rich. He only desired to get all his debts paid off death and to have enough money for a comfortable lifestyle.


The next morning Keith Ross woke up and felt miserable. It was another morning where he felt as if he had never slept during the night. He groggily got off his ragged, old, broken down couch where he slept most nights. He often fell asleep on the couch while reading or watching TV.


Keith frequently watched Fox News before he went to bed. When he was young man, he was very much a socialist, but as he got older, he began to see the negative characteristics of a totally socialized society. At first he wasn’t crazy about Donald Trump, but during the first six months of Trump’s presidency, Keith was starting to really admire the way the new president took tough stands on issues that he strongly believed in.


He got himself his favorite glass of water from the kitchen and began taking his massive regimen of medications and dietary supplements. Keith followed this with a bowl of Raisin Bran cereal. He’s actually preferred Frosted Flakes, but he had recently decided to be more careful about his food choices.

As soon as he finished his breakfast, Keith felt so tired that he lied down on the couch. After about five minutes had passed, he got up and looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly. He promptly turned on the weather channel to check today’s forecast. The weather channel reported a high of 28°C with sunny skies throughout the day. He started to think about going for a bike ride. Keith looked up at his beautiful, black Giant mountain bike parked a few feet behind his flat screen TV.1111

The Strangest Election Ever

The Strangest Election Ever? (Part One)

I’m a Canadian, but like many other Canadians, I have closely followed most presidential election races. I’m well aware that the results of American elections will affect both Canada the whole world. However, the most recent race for the White House was very likely the most fascinating one that I can recall.

This was an election campaign made for the times we are living in. It was like watching reality t.v. with dramatic twists and turns. The observer could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next. Some would say that all the dramatic tension was created by Donald Trump, but I would argue that it would not have been as entertaining as it was if Mr. Trump did not have Hillary Clinton as an opponent.

The first irony was that there weren’t that many who took Donald Trump’s desire for the presidency of The United States seriously. Mr. Trump certainly had an unusual way of conveying his message. He made some very controversial, bombastic statements that didn’t sound very presidential.

We had never encountered a presidential candidate like Donald Trump before. He spoke his mind in his own way and didn’t appear to care if people liked his delivery or not. When Donald Trump first ran in the Republican primaries not many took his campaign for the presidency very seriously. My impression was that at first, most Republicans thought that Trump would provide some comic relief that would lead to a lot of early media attention.The Ken David Stewart Podcast