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Presumed Guilty by Jose Baez

Presumed Guilty
During the last two days I have been reading Presumed Guilty by Jose Baez. This book is indeed a fascinating read. I find it much more interesting than Jeff Ashton’s book Imperfect Justice. First of all, Casey Anthony has to be very grateful that she had the defense team that Jose Baez put together. I know that the jury in the Casey Anthony Trial took a lot of flack for providing not guilty verdicts on most of the charges against Casey Anthony.
I am one of those that thinks that the jury made the only decision they could under the circumstances. It wasn’t the prosecution’s fault. They did the best they could with what they had. The problem was that they didn’t have much if any real physical evidence to convict Casey of murder. The only thing the prosecution had was apparently strong circumstantial evidence and a theory. The problem was that their theory had holes in it also. I still find it hard to believe how a mother who appeared to love her daughter, and without any evidence of previous abuse, could murder her daughter just because she wanted to party.