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Episode 55 of Winter Dreams by Ken David Stewart

Episode 55:

Linda Saunders arranged a meeting with the hockey wives one hour before the Cougars game against the Norberry Knights. She had a difficult time keeping it together as she made her speech in front of the other girls. Her hands appeared to be shaking and she was very red in the face.

She began her statement by telling the other girls that she had been very mean to both Rick Miller and especially Misty Roberts.

“Girls, I am ashamed to say that my behaviour towards Misty Roberts has been both hurtful and cruel. She doesn’t deserve to be talked about the way I have recently been talking about her. My cousin, Rudy is not the most trustworthy individual that I know. I should not have used him as a source when spread those horrible rumours about both Misty and Rick Miller. I’m very sorry and ashamed about hurting Misty. With that being said, from now on we are going to take the high road where Misty is concerned. I ask that all of us will do our best tonight to be friendly and loving towards Misty. We need to make her feel that she is one of the girls. I will be the first one to greet Misty tonight and I will offer her a very sincere and heartfelt apology.”

The girls were all sitting on the long benches in an empty dressing room. They were all quite shocked by Linda’s speech. Most of them shook their heads in agreement as Susan, Eric Coswell’s girlfriend said, “Let’s do it.”

As Linda Saunders left the meeting she went out in the parking lot to clear her head. She was very angry with Miles for making her give this speech to the girls. Linda was starting to re-evaluate her relationship with Miles Meyers. She thought:

If Miles was a real man, wouldn’t he have taken the beating from Godzilla to protect his girlfriend’s honour and credibility?


If the circumstances were different and she didn’t value being the leader of the hockey wives Linda would probably have broken up with Miles on the spot. The problem was the Linda Saunders enjoyed her prominent position in the hockey wives circle. If she dumped Miles, there wouldn’t be any more players on the Cougars that she could date. Linda sat down and thought about her alternatives after tonight’s game was over. She knew that she was a smart girl if she waited patiently a good idea would come to her.goalie 1

Episode 24 of Winter Dreams by Ken David Stewart

Episode 24:
Lloyd Roberts was just waking up from a short nap he had after supper. As be reached for his pack of cigarettes, Lloyd could still remember the dream he had. He was in that zone where he was just coming out of the dream state, but was not yet fully awake. Lloyd was used to having many dreams while he slept, but there was something different about the ones that he had been having lately. His most recent dreams all seemed to have some spiritual or religious theme to them.
A few minutes ago, Rick had seen Jesus in his dream holding a little lamb in his arms. The other night he dreamed that he was sitting in a quiet peaceful location by a stream. When he turned his head he could see a man who looked like Jesus waving for him to come over to where he was standing. Lloyd scratched hic head before putting on his baseball cap with the Ford logo on it. He had started to notice a bald spot near the top of his head and thought that if he covered it up he wouldn’t have to think about it. What he was now thinking about was the significance of his dreams. His daughter, Sasha had been a Christian for awhile now, but Lloyd was wondering what kind of influence her new boyfriend was having on her beliefs. Lloyd expected Sasha would be home in a little while. He would ask her what she made of his dreams.
Lloyd had recently attained employment as a residential care worker at The Main Street mission. He found that of the many jobs that he had worked over the years this was probably one of the few that he actually enjoyed. Lloyd liked the street people that he got to know and was starting to feel that his life was finally starting to have some meaning.
Rick was beginning to mature as he entered his mid forties. The incident that happened at the rock festival had shaken Lloyd up. It now occurred to him that he had some serious responsibilities as a parent.Picture 82

Chapter 164 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Four:
Susan Richards had overheard John’s telephone conversation with Bobby O’Conner. “What time will Mr. O’Conner be coming over, John?”
“He told me that he would be here in about an hour or two.”
“Good. That will give us some time alone to talk. Let’s go for a walk. The kids are all busy playing an old board game called Risk,” said Susan.
“Yeah, Ryan found a bunch of my old board games in old storage space that I had completely forgotten about. He found Clue, The Game of Life, Careers, Monopoly and a few others,” said John.
“So, are you up for a walk?”
“Absolutely, it’s a beautiful morning.”
John tried to sound enthusiastic, but like most men, he feared the wrath of his wife or ex-wife in this case. He was sure that she was going to reprimand him severely for allowing their kids to go on the Ogopogo expeditions.
The former husband and wife started along the curving hiking trail that was close to Aunt Meg’s cottage.
“I’ve had some time to think John. I have been thinking about you and the kids. I imagine that both Ryan and Stephanie are going to want to continue living with you in the fall,” said Susan.
“What makes you think that?” asked John.
“Oh, come on, John. Both of them are in relationships now. Ryan and Monique are madly in love and I don’t think Stephanie and Garry are very far behind them.”
“Monique will be going back to live with her mother in Montreal,” said John.
“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The day that I arrived at your sister’s place, she got a phone call from Monique’s mom. When her mother was told that I was staying here for a while she wanted to talk to me. She said that Monique had told her all about Ryan and Monique asked if she could stay in Kelowna for the fall to attend The University of British Columbia with Ryan,” said Susan.
“So, what did Monique’s mom say?” asked John.
“She told her that she could and that she was planning on moving out to Kelowna in a few weeks. She said that she had just got her lay-off notice from work and she had been thinking about moving for awhile now. She wants a new start. She said that she wants a change of scenery and that she has been doing some personal research on Kelowna. She found out that it was a beautiful part of the country to live,” said Susan.kelowna 16

Chapter 162 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty –Three:
Blake Riley was sitting alone in a chair on the main deck of his ship. There was a refreshing breeze coming off the water and Blake was enjoying watching the beautiful scenery on the shore line. The boat was now passing the forested area of Lake Okanagan.
The natural beauty had put Blake into a thoughtful mood. He was starting to re-evaluate his whole life. He had come to the unsettling conclusion, that up to this point, he had lived his life very selfishly. It dawned on him that he didn’t have any real friends. For most of his life he had only made acquaintances with people that he thought could further his own ambitions. Yes, Blake had an impoverished upbringing. Yes, he had felt unwanted and had been abused by those close to him. He asked himself whether or not this was a good enough reason to turn his back on humanity and to live only for himself. Had his extravagant and hedonistic lifestyle brought him any real, lasting satisfaction? Blake concluded that it had not.
He started to think about the way he had mistreated Jack Kimberly. Now that he had a few days of getting to know Jack Kimberly, he found that he had enjoyed Jack’s company very much. Blake had never really experienced the pleasure of bonding with another human being.
Blake also started to think about Dr. Lionel Phelge. He felt honoured to be in the company of such a renowned academic and scientist. He felt grateful for the mutual respect that Lionel had shown him.
Blake Riley was filled with self –loathing when he caught himself coming up with schemes to get the two live Ogopogos away from the rest of the crew. He had enjoyed working as part of a team and working toward a common goal. Blake had determined that from this day forward he would live his life differently. kelowna 19