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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Fifty-Nine

Chapter Fifty-Nine

“I’d like to introduce all of you to someone I just met recently,” said Dean Sanderson. “His name is Blake Riley and he feels that he could be a great support to our intended project. Would you be willing to address the rest of the group, Mr. Riley?”
“You guys can just call me Blake. I have been interested in all aspects of cryptozoology. For most of my life I have been especially interested in lake monsters. I don’t mind saying that I’m a wealthy business man who has substantial resources that I’m willing to invest if the planned expedition meets my expectations.”
“What specific outcomes would you expect from our research project?” asked Lionel.
“Firstly we need to capture a live specimen of the creature, “answered Blake.
“You would want a piece of the creatures flesh to use for a scientific biopsy?” Lionel inquired.
“With all due respect, professor, I would consider our mission to be a failure if that’s the best we could do,” said Blake. ‘My goal is to capture the whole animal.”
“Have you have lost your mind, Mr. Riley? We aren’t even positive that this creature exists,” said Dean Sanderson.
“Although I firmly believe in the existence of Ogopogo, I feel that it would be a daunting task to capture one alive,” said Dr. Phelge.
“I would be happy just to get a close up video of the lake demon,” said Ryan.
“If we could get a tissue sample from the animal we would accomplish what no one yet has managed to do,” added Monique giving her ponytail a good shake.
“If we even got one good sighting just think what a great story we would have for the university’s newspaper,” said Kyle, speaking on behalf of the students.
“I’m hoping that we can put together a great book based on our research and findings during our search for Ogopogo,” said Jasmine.

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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter Thirty-Two:

“I gather you guys haven’t had a decent meal in awhile so you’re in for a treat. I bought some burgers yesterday and I’m ready to get the old charcoal barbeque going,” said Aunt Meg. As Meg made the necessary preparations for lunch John, Stephanie and Ryan had a chance to unwind from their trip.
“The scenery is beautiful out here isn’t it Steph?” asked Ryan.
“Yeah, I love Aunt Meg’s cottage and living out in the woods,” replied Stephanie.
“If Grandpa wasn’t so sick we could have a really great vacation out here, “said Ryan.
“Oh, I think we still will,” said their father. “Grandpa’s a pretty tough old bird and he has a lot of people praying for him. I think he’ll pull through and having you guys here will really boost his spirits. I believe God still has plans for the old man,”
“ Do you still believe in God, Dad?” asked Stephanie.
“Yes, I do even though I’ve shown you guys little evidence of it.”
“Mom told us that you were a pastor of a small church when she first met you,” said Ryan.
“In a manner of speaking, yes,” replied John. The regular pastor at our church was in his seventies and was starting to lose his stamina. He wanted to retire and there was about a nine month gap before we found a permanent replacement for him. As I had attended a couple of years at Bible college, the elders of the church asked me to be the interim pastor.”
“How did you like being a pastor, Dad?” asked Ryan.
“I enjoyed it but I knew I was only holding the fort until the church found a permanent replacement. I was just a young man at the time and the congregation didn’t put too much pressure on me. If they were having serious issues they usually went to one of the elders for support.”
“So why didn’t you finish Bible College so that you could become a full time pastor?” asked Stephanie.
“The ministry is a calling, dear and I didn’t get the call,” answered John. “Also I wanted to have a family one day and being a preacher’s kid can be awful hard on the children.”
“So you sort of protected us from having to live in a glass fish bowl,” said Ryan.
“Yes, but I was protecting myself also. I didn’t think I had the self -discipline to live a good Christian life and would probably fail as a minister.”

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