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Chapter 129 of The lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Nine:
Jack’s crew made Mike O’Grady as comfortable as possible as they placed him on Jack’s speed boat. They wrapped him up in blankets to keep him warm. Jack Kimberley and the rest of the crew followed behind them in the cabin cruiser. When they got to Jack’s dock they carefully placed Mike on the back of the flatbed truck. All of the crew went for the ride to the hospital. Jack stayed right next to Mike during the whole ride and tried to speak comforting words to his severely injured friend. While the flat- bed truck was on its way to the hospital, Jack gave instructions to his crew.
“Look Gentlemen. When we get to the emergency ward at the hospital the medical staff is going to want to know what happened to Mike. We are not going to tell them anything about our encounter with Ogopogo. Let me do all the talking when we get there. I’m going to tell the doctor and admitting nurse that we were all out on the lake having a fishing party. At one point, Mike spotted a large fish near our boat. He leaned over the side of the boat trying to catch the fish with a net. He lost his balance and fell into the water. We didn’t get a good look at the fish, but it was possibly a sturgeon. We heard a blood curdling scream from Mike. We looked over the side of the boat in time to watch the large predator tear off most of Mike’s right arm with its razor sharp teeth. It was too late to save Mike’s arm, but we did manage to get him out of the water and back on the boat. Now, does everyone know the story now?”
“Some of Jack’s crew said ‘yes’ while the others nodded their heads in agreement.
“And one more thing,” said Jack. “In case anyone asks, we all deny that we had an encounter with Ogopogo. Are we all clear on that?”
Once again, all of Jack’s crew nodded their heads in agreement.7

Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 17)

“Yeah I know what you mean,” replied Matt. “I mean I love cars and all that but not sure I want to dedicate my whole life fixing them either. I’m not so sure I’m going to stick with this trade.”
“Well, well my friend, it sounds like were both in the same boat. Remember four-thirty tomorrow at the gym.”
“I’ll be there.” replied Matt.
The next day the two friends met at the gym. They decided it was going to be their arms day. The two guys had advanced to the stage in their workouts where they specialize in one body part per day. When they had finished changing and got to the gym floor they headed straight for the biceps curl machine. As Mike was starting his first set of bicep curls, Matt noticed two guys they had seen before enter the gym. “Hey, Mike. Get a load of those two dudes who just came in.”
“What is this?A circus?” Mike observed.
The two new guys that walked in did appear to be a bit strange. One of them had blue hair styled like a Mohawk. The other one had short orange hair on his head but had a pointed green goatee for a beard. They were both big guys. The one with the blue Mohawk probably weighed about 260 pounds. The one with the short orange hair and pointed green goatee probably weighed in at around 280 pounds. The two new guys appeared to know what they were doing. They headed straight for the bench press. One of them started warming up with a 45 pound dumbbell in each hand. He began to do a set of dumbbell chest presses. Both Mike and Matt were impressed at the ease with which the Blue Hair lifted the dumbbells. At the end of his first set of ten repetitions there wasn’t a bead of sweat on him. He didn’t sound out of breath either.
“I wonder what those two guys do for a living or if they even have jobs,” queried Mike.
“Beats me but they probably don’t sell cars or life insurance,” Matt joked.
“Those two guys are really getting me curious,” said Mike. “What if we asked them what they do for a living after they’ve finished working out?”
“I just hope those two dudes are friendly,” laughed Matt.
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Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1, Excerpt 12)

It was about 4 PM when Mike Spangle arrived at his favorite bar. His best friend Matt Dunning was already at a table and waved Mike over. What Mike arrived at Matt’s table he could see that Matt had been reading in auto technician’s textbook.” Studying hard?’ Mike asked his friend.
“Every chance I get,” replied Matt.” “Did you sub today?”
Since he graduated from the faculty of education last May Mike Spangle had been working as a substitute teacher. At this point in his life he was not certain that he wanted a full-time permanent career as a teacher. Mike and Matt have been friends since grade school. They attended the same schools in elementary, junior high and high school. They had always been tight. Their friendship probably started in grade 5 when Matt was being swarmed by a group of bullies. Fortunately for Matt, Mike was just coming around the corner when he heard the ruckus. Mike was considerably larger than most boys his age and had a reputation for being a tough fighter. Mike had never been known to lose a fight. “Do you girls want to make this a fair fight? I’m with Matt.” The bullies look sullen and then sheepishly walked away. This incident started a lifelong bond between Mike and Matt.
“Yeah, I subbed at Blue River Junior High.” Mike answered.
“How was it?” Matt asked.
“I could answer that in two words, “junior high”. They both began to laugh.
“So do you think you’re want to be a teacher all your life?”
“I don’t know. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately and I’m still undecided. When I talk with my cooperating teacher during my practicum he tells me he still putting in two hours of homework every night. I mean the guys been teaching for 20 years already. You would figure his workload would slow down.
Mr. James said that it doesn’t. He says that the school district is

always making them learn a new curriculum. The subjects and course material change every year he says. I’m starting to wonder if I’m dedicated enough to devote my whole life to teaching.”
“Yeah I know what you mean,” replied Matt. “I mean I love cars and all that but not sure I want to dedicate my whole life fixing them either. I’m not so sure I’m going to stick with this trade.”
“Well, well my friend, it sounds like were both in the same boat. Remember four-thirty tomorrow at the gym.”
“I’ll be there.” replied Matt.
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Chapter 13 of The Pile Driver, A Novel

Chapter Thirteen:

It only took Blair and Blaine about ten minutes to give Matt and Mike the grand tour of Al Sharp’s Wrestling School. They showed the new recruits the lockers, dressing areas, the washrooms, showers, the training areas and The Pro Shop.
Al used the Pro Shop to generate extra revenue for his business. He kept it well stocked with the latest nutritional supplements, training gear and body building and wrestling magazines. His store also held on extensive collection of professional wrestling videos that the students could watch. After about three months Al expected that all of his serious candidates would have studied and learned from every video in the library. His students’ knowledge would often be tested by an off the cuff question that Al would throw at them during training sessions.
After the tour the four young men met in Al Sharp’s office. They all took a seat on a well- worn black leather couch in Al’s office. The walls in Al’s office were well covered by old wrestling posters, autographed pictures of pro wrestlers that had paid a visit to his training school. One whole wall was reserved for memorabilia from Al’s personal wrestling career.

Al’s desk was cluttered with his paper work. To the right of his main desk he had a spot for his computer. Al’s PC was displaying a Gorgeous George screen saver.

The front of Al’s desk was reserved for pictures of his family. He had a picture of his wife, his dogs, his adult children and his grandchildren. He kept a special place for pictures of his pet turtle and parrot.

Upon first entering Al Sharp’s office a first time visitor might conclude that it belonged to a very eccentric man or perhaps even a raving lunatic.
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Chapter Twelve of The Pile Driver, A Novel

Chapter Twelve:

As the five o’clock rush was coming in Al Sharp knew he would be very busy for the next couple of hours. Al was a very hands-on owner. He liked to keep his overhead down and hired only a few very competent staff. Al made a point of talking to and getting to know every aspiring wrestling that walked through the doors of his training school. Al wisely decided to delegate the job of giving Mike and Matt the grand tour to Blair and Blaine.

“In time you guys are going to love it here,” said Blaine addressing Mike and Matt.

“In time?” asked Matt.

“We’re not going to kid you guys. The first month here is pretty punishing. After that, your body gets used to the pain and Al and the other trainers will start to ease up a bit on you,” said Blair.

“First thing we’re going to do is take you guys on a tour of the facility. Within a few days you’ll easily know your way around this place and will know all the club rules and regulations,” said Blaine.

“What are the rules and relations?” asked Mike.
“As soon as our tour is finished the coffee should be ready for us. That’s when we all meet with Al in his office. He’ll give you the full lowdown on what you can and can’t do,” answered Blaine.
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Chapter Eleven of The Pile Driver, A Novel

They came in all shapes and sizes. Young people who had plenty of muscle and definition, those who were skinny and those that were either obese or morbidly obese.
They came from various classes on the social and economic scale, but the majority were poor. Several held down day jobs and some were on social assistance, devoting themselves full time to pursuing their dreams.

The common denominator was the dream of one day becoming a professional wrestler. They were taking the first step by joining a club that trained aspiring wrestlers.

It occurred to Al that nearly everyone has a dream built inside them. For some, the dream is to become a professional wrestler. Others dream about a career in mainstream sports such as football, baseball, basketball or hockey. All of them want to make the professional leagues.

Some people aspire to success outside of sports or sports entertainment. There were those who wanted to become famous in the fine arts. Others hoped to become a published author, a movie star or a rock star.

This idea fascinated Al. He often wondered why all these people would believe in their dreams. Some, of course, wouldn’t take any action to attain their life goals. There would just be moments in the day when they would wistfully dream about a better life for themselves. They longed to leave their often boring nine to five jobs. They daily felt the pain of having to work at jobs they disliked and didn’t have any passion for.

Then there were people like Al’s students. They had a plan for achieving their dreams. Firstly, they would learn all the fundamentals at Al’s Wrestling School. Their next step would be to try and get some matches booked on the independent circuit. Lastly, they would hope that a talent scout from the WWE or TNA would offer them a try out in the big leagues of wrestling.

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Chapter Ten of The Pile Driver, A Novel

“Good afternoon Al,” said Blaine. Hey, look who he’s got with him. It’s those two dudes we met at the gym yesterday.”

“So you guys decided you’d check out Al’s Wrestling School. That shows a lot of guts. Al’s the best wrestling coach in the world but he’s awfully tough on newbies,” said Blair.

“Thanks for the warning,” said Mike.

“The best wrestling coach in the world, eh?” said Al.

“That might work with some wrestling club owners, but not with me. I’m not going to give Blaine or Blair any discounts on their membership fees for saying that. But I will do this. If these two new guys decide to sign up with the wrestling school, I will give you guys a break on your fees for recruiting them.”

It was just after five 0’clock and the wrestling club was starting to fill up. Many aspiring, independent wrestlers were just off their day jobs and were getting ready for some physical and mental punishment.
Al’s wrestling school was well decorated with enlarged pictures of many famous WWE and TNA wrestling stars, both past and present. Al had also set up a large bulletin board on the wooden walls where wrestling students could leave their business cards and could read the latest announcements from Al Sharp. The wrestling candidates were grateful to Al for letting them pin up their business cards as they often got some business from their fellow wrestling students.
Al’s Wrestling School attracted people, both male and female, from a wide variety of occupations.

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