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Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 17)

“Yeah I know what you mean,” replied Matt. “I mean I love cars and all that but not sure I want to dedicate my whole life fixing them either. I’m not so sure I’m going to stick with this trade.”
“Well, well my friend, it sounds like were both in the same boat. Remember four-thirty tomorrow at the gym.”
“I’ll be there.” replied Matt.
The next day the two friends met at the gym. They decided it was going to be their arms day. The two guys had advanced to the stage in their workouts where they specialize in one body part per day. When they had finished changing and got to the gym floor they headed straight for the biceps curl machine. As Mike was starting his first set of bicep curls, Matt noticed two guys they had seen before enter the gym. “Hey, Mike. Get a load of those two dudes who just came in.”
“What is this?A circus?” Mike observed.
The two new guys that walked in did appear to be a bit strange. One of them had blue hair styled like a Mohawk. The other one had short orange hair on his head but had a pointed green goatee for a beard. They were both big guys. The one with the blue Mohawk probably weighed about 260 pounds. The one with the short orange hair and pointed green goatee probably weighed in at around 280 pounds. The two new guys appeared to know what they were doing. They headed straight for the bench press. One of them started warming up with a 45 pound dumbbell in each hand. He began to do a set of dumbbell chest presses. Both Mike and Matt were impressed at the ease with which the Blue Hair lifted the dumbbells. At the end of his first set of ten repetitions there wasn’t a bead of sweat on him. He didn’t sound out of breath either.
“I wonder what those two guys do for a living or if they even have jobs,” queried Mike.
“Beats me but they probably don’t sell cars or life insurance,” Matt joked.
“Those two guys are really getting me curious,” said Mike. “What if we asked them what they do for a living after they’ve finished working out?”
“I just hope those two dudes are friendly,” laughed Matt.
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A Review of Summer Slam (Part Two) by Ken David Stewart

The Squared Circle Article 2:
Summer Slam Review (Part Two)
Two days ago I reviewed Part One of Summer Slam 2014. Today I’ll share my observations for Part Two. Bray Wyatt defeated Chris Jericho. The highlight of this match was seeing the expression on Jericho’s face while watching Bray performing his Exorcist routine. Like John Cena before him, this totally freaked Chris out and caused him to lose his focus during the remainder of the match.
Further into the show Roman Reigns beat Randy Orton. By this time Roman Reigns has become a fan favorite with the WWE Universe. Reigns is a much better role model than Bray Wyatt.
In the main event, Brock Lesnar gave John Cena one of the worst beatings I have ever seen. Cena was forced to go on the defensive right from the beginning of the match. John showed his courage by enduring sixteen suplexes from Brock Lesnar. I wondered why John Cena could not get a little more offense going during this contest. Was Cena under the weather or had Lesnar psyched John out with his pre-match fear tactics? One can only wonder how Cena s going to recover from this title loss.
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