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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-Five

Chapter Ninety-Five
Unfortunately, John Richards was no longer a teenager or a star athlete. He still kept himself in good condition by riding his prized black Giant mountain bike and he still had at least three workouts per week at the gym, but these were solitary recreational activities without adoring fans to cheer him on.
During his adult years John felt like he had let his father down. He attended university after he graduated from high school. John quit his team athletic endeavours altogether when he started university. For some reason his heart was no longer in it. He very much enjoyed the freedom that comes with being a university student.
John quickly became popular with both his fellow students and his professors. He was always ready to start up or join in a class discussion and his professors loved him for it. Most of his peers also were happy to have John liven up a potentially, long boring lecture.
John liked everything about the university environment. He especially enjoyed the social life that the university setting provided him. In high school John had to spend the great majority of his time studying in order to make decent grades. The rest of his time was devoted to playing high school team sports. All through high school he didn’t have a girlfriend. In fact, he couldn’t remember ever having been on a date.
While in high school, because of his diligent study habits John was able to maintain a B average. Since that time John realized that he wasn’t academically gifted and that he would need to be a plodder if he were to survive academically with his university courses. John had assessed his abilities very accurately. He had to keep his nose to the grindstone in university as much as he had to in high school. In university John had to work hard to maintain a C+ grade point average.
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