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Episode Seven of The Pastor Murder Mystery

Episode Seven of The Pastor Murder Mystery:

Melissa Noble was vacuuming the stairs in her house when she heard the phone ring. She sighed but was actually happy for an excuse to get a break from the job at hand. The canister of her vacuum was very heavy and Melissa’s back was giving her grief.

A few years ago David had bought her a brand new Filter Queen Majestic vacuum cleaner. This was really an expense that the young couple could not afford but David was the victim of an ambitious and somewhat unscrupulous vacuum cleaner salesman. When David had mentioned that his wife suffered from allergies to their cat and dog the salesman was quick to point out that a new Filter Queen Majestic would greatly reduce his wife’s symptoms. He went on to sell David on purchasing a new Defender air cleaner that he said would further alleviate his wife’s misery when used in conjunction with the new vacuum cleaner. In fact, seeing as the Nobles were the last prospects of the day he would offer them a substantial discount if they purchased both items this evening. The salesman made a point of saying that he would not be able to offer them this discount tomorrow and that he would probably get heat from his manager for offering them this deal at all. He stated that because he was having a good day he would throw in a complete supply of Filter Queen accessories for free.

As David was very concerned about Melissa’s health he extracted his American Express card and the salesman closed the deal. The Nobles were now the proud owners of a top of the line vacuum cleaner and air cleaning device. They were also now close to three thousand dollars in debt but Melissa’s allergic reactions to their furry pets was soon to be manageable.Picture 51