July 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of Ken David Stewart

July 19, 2011

The weather in Winnipeg has been great during the last few days. For me this means an opportunity to get some outdoor exercise. As our winters in Central Canada often last six months we only have a few months to take advantage of beautiful sunny days. When the weather is this nice I feel like a bad parent if I don’t take our dogs Sweetie and Snuggles to Kilcona Dog Park in Winnipeg. It is always rewarding to see how much fun the dogs have. Watching the little dog, Snuggles makes me break out in laughter.. To watch Snuggles hop like a bunny rabbit through the tall grass always makes the trip worth it. As I watch my dogs at play I come to the conclusion that human beings do not have the capacity to enjoy life the way dogs do.


The Aftermath of the Casey Anthony Trial (part one)

The Aftermath of the Casey Anthony Trial (part one)

Now the trial of the century is over and the people have had time to ponder on the verdict. According to a recent poll I heard that over two-thirds of the American people think that the jury came up with the wrong verdict in The Casey Anthony Trial. My opinion is that Casey Anthony needs to get right out of the country for her own safety. All it takes is one unstable angry person to seriously harm Casey Anthony. Ironically, such an individual would likely easily be caught and end up serving the sentence that they wished that Casey Anthony would have gotten.
Watching this trial made me wonder what has happened to another case that was extensively covered by Nancy Grace. This is the case of the disappearance of Hayleigh Cummings. The last I heard about this case is that Ronald Cummings and Misty Croslin have been jailed for trafficking oxycodone.

Getting Back Into Shape After 50

Trying to Get Back in Shape After 50

Anyone who has ever tried to get back in shape after age fifty will tell you that it’s not easy and they’re right. Trying to lose weight or improve your level of physical fitness can be a daunting task. Firstly, it requires a lot of commitment. Commitment means to me being able to force yourself to do something or force yourself not to do something when you just plain don’t feel like it. Motivation and self discipline definitely play important roles. I find that people are very departmentalized when it comes to concepts like will power and motivation. For example, I find it easier to exercise when I am tired and sore than to refrain from eating junk food. In fact, my desire to eat junk food is more easily rationalized when I tell myself that I will be going to the gym later in the day. Intellectually, I know darn well that I will not be able to burn off all the calories I ingested by eating that chocolate bar. But it is amazing how rationalization always seems to triumph over intellectual knowledge.

Lake Monsters (part one)

Since I was a young tyke I have had an avid interest in lake monsters.I was very blessed to have a granny who was a retired school teacher. My granny loved books and introduced me to a variety of reading material at a young age. My grandmother was also a great storyteller.It wasn’t long before she got me interested in the topic of prehistoric animals. As my grandmother was born in Scotland she knew about the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. If that wasn’t enough she also told me about Nessie’s cousin reputedly living in Lake Okanagan. She told me one amazing story about the Ogopogo. My granny told me that she grew up with a young friend who had actually had a close encounter with the Ogopogo. Granny’s young friend reported that she had seen Ogopogo come out of the lake and eat one of the chickens that was running around on her lakefront property. This gave me the first encouragement that lake monsters were perhaps real.

Roswell 1947 pages thirteen and fourteen

Roswell1947                             page thirteen

Act 4 Scene 1:

Narrator: Act 4 takes place at the Roswell Funeral Home. While Dennis the mortician is prepping a client for tomorrow’s funeral he hears the phone ring.

General Kane:  Dennis, this is General Kane from the Air Force base. Listen, Dennis I need four child size caskets as soon as possible. Do you have any in stock?

Dennis:  Caskets for children? I have two in stock.

General Kane:  I need four Dennis. Can you build me two more this evening?

Dennis:  Well, sir, this is kind of short notice. I’ll have to run over to the General Store before it closes at six. I’ll have to buy lumber, nails, a hammer, a saw, a tape measure and some paint.

General Kane: That sounds like a plan Dennis. And while you’re at the General Store see if you can pick me up some pepperoni sticks and some White Owl cigars.

Dennis:  I’m a little pressed for time sir. I’ve just started preparing a body for a funeral tomorrow and it will probably take me about six hours to finish the job.

General Kane:  So you’re sure this guy is dead?

Dennis:  Yeah, as far as I can tell.

General Kane:  So what does he care if you bury him tomorrow or a day later? He’s probably not in any hurry is he?

Dennis:  I suppose not sir.

General Kane: Well, I am Dennis. I want those caskets delivered to the hospital byeight o’clockthis evening. Now I suggest you get going to the General Store this minute.

Dennis:  Aye aye sir! I’m on my way. Oh, by the way sir, why do you need four child size caskets? Was there an accident involving small children that I haven’t heard about?

General Kane: Don’t ask any questions Dennis. You’ll get further orders when you arrive at the hospital with the caskets. And make sure you remember to bring my cigars and pepperoni sticks.

Dennis’s soliloquy:  This doesn’t make any sense. Usually, they ask me to prepare the bodies before they order caskets. And surely I would have heard about an accident involving small children before now. Well, I better get to the General Store before it   closes.

Page fourteen

After a couple of hours of sleep Mick wakes up in the storage room at the hospital. He still feels woozy from the effects of his tranquillizer.

Mick:  Where am I? Those Fascists must have stuck me in the janitor’s room! There’s nothing here but brooms, mops, and pails in here. Hold on. I see a window.

Narrator:  Mick stumbles over to the window. He picks up a step ladder and smashes the glass out of the window. He runs to a back lane about a block from the hospital. He runs to a back lane about a block from the hospital. As Mick stumbles down the lane two dog catchers from town are having a smoke break in their truck. They see Mick stumbling down the lane.

Harvey the dog catcher:  Hey Hoss, look at that guy. He’s bombed out of his mind.

Hoss the dog catcher:  Hey Buddy, come over here. It looks like you can use some help.

Mick:  You’re right about that! First, I get kidnapped by two air force guys who throw me in the back of a truck full of aliens. Then they take me to a hospital where a nurse shoots me full of horse tranquillizer. Then I pass out and wake up in the janitor’s closet in the hospital. I , finally, broke the glass in the window in the janitor’s room and made a run for it.

Harvey:  Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s the goofiest story I ever heard in all my born days!

Hoss:  Harvey, this man’s not in his right head. He’s hallucinating real bad. We need to get him back to the hospital.

Harvey:  You’re right, Hoss. This guy’s probably been in the sun too long. He’s probably got the heatstroke.

When Hoss goes to grab Mick his guys fall out of his trouser pockets. Mick quickly picks the keys up and opens the back door of the dog catcher’s vehicle. Mick then unleashes a huge Rottweiler hear the back door of the van.

Harvey:  Hoss, run for your life! The big mean Rotties been cut loose!

Narrator:  The enraged Rottie chases Harvey and Hoss down the lane. The dog catchers see a big blue dumpster, climb into it and shut the lid.

Harvey:  Ah, man , it stinks in here.

Hoss: I don’t care. I’m staying in here until I’m sure the dog’s gone.

An Introduction to the World of Work

Being semi retired in the last few months I have had some time to ponder the world of work as it compares to the state of retirement.After a short while the most obvious observation that I made is that retirement is great. I have great difficulty understanding people who say that if they were retired they would be bored. Broke yes; bored? ,not a chance. One of the major disadvantages of work is that it consumes so much of your time and energy. This may not seem so obvious if you are still in your twenties or thirties. You will probably still have an adequate amount of energy left after putting in your eight to ten hours at the salt mines. Once you hit your fifties and beyond, however, your energy level is now at a premium. You start to realize that time is not on your side no matter what The Rolling Stones say..

Why I Believe in God

The main reason that I believe in God is because I need Him. I knew this when I was a little kid and was not yet a Christian. Early on I realized that shit happens and that I was usually not strong enough or smart enough to clean up the mess on my own. In other words I needed God’s help and if there wasn’t a God I had pretty well had the biscuit.

There was also a time in my life that I also decided to believe in God because I didn’t want to go to hell. I now know that i am not going to hell because in faith, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. However, shit continues to happen and I still need His help every day.